Monday, September 04, 2017


Hear my song of woe
Look well; see the flow
Life’s lusting for survival
Rivals reaching for revival
In competition for resources
Desire to find recourses
Consumerism’s lust thrust upon us every step
Creates a schism in our humanity
Strive for sanity
Search for an end to succumbing
To become better before death comes …

Fame, riches, voices no one hears, too busy with wanting to get what they have  
Yet somehow never did
Passion and poetry flow in my veins, Poetry makes us see more than we want
Examine, consider anew
Like a sudden cloudburst, rain can’t be avoided
Get wet even if you didn’t want to
Hear my pleas, please, hear the crying of all factory-farmed animals scream, cry for help

Production methods for meat is a disgrace to humanity
Make conscious beings suffer in rounds from birth to death, lives unlived, shortened drastically, live in constant pain tragically
Brutality can’t possibly have redeeming qualities
Follow like the livestock we are, allow immorality to flourish
Need to be free from barbarity lest we become the suffering we imbibe

Our earth requires compassion
Consciousness and cruelty don’t get along
Pain sears through my brain
Soul Secrets rip through me
Stand outside my head observe
Bleak reality
Surrounded by pollution
Needing a solution
No absolution through brutal lives led to slaughter – is this really nutrition
Who stands to explore alternatives to barbarous merciless sadistic tradition?

Create compassion, humanity –

Be the change we want to see …