Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We’re all in this together Hun

You’re all alone boo hoo
no family to speak of
Boo hoo poor you all alone
Probably wouldn’t want you for family neither
Who would want a crazy lunatic as family
Someone who always thinks with her heart not foreseeing consequences of what was clearly there to begin with even though she helps with all her circumspection and obligation, she’s doing some good out there, how can you not reject someone who always has your back, holds friendship above all, and she may say something you don’t want said if you don’t warn her first, she’s a big mouth but she’s also someone who loves the truth even if she’s easily deceived
Thank god she’s had good luck to survive
Hard to fathom:
You can always count on her help if you need it
weird how everyone takes you for granted thinks it’s your job to clean up their mess yet you’re compelled to keep doing it over and over again hard to fathom why your family doesn’t want you. Do you think it’s because you know too many secrets – things they pretend they’ve forgotten, so it doesn’t matter that they know you’d do whatever you had to do to help them do what they wanna do - short of committing crime getting caught and doing time for them
so tell me why are they are so mean bitter and hostile, why to you
Do you think you should suffer another rejection at their hands and you don’t know why but you do feel compelled to call them -
You think it’s because – they’re family – and you should …
Boo hoo poor you
Do you believe this shit
What? Please now you're saying you got no more time to sit and jive through this bullshit yet you keep doing the same things again and again
no luck with family society same roots different paths or if it's the same path they'll deny any relation to you
no time to sit here and worry you said got to be on your way
you’ve got so much to say and so many things to do you don’t know how much time is on your side
you’re so enthusiastically spring cleaning eliminating clutter or attempting to and then you get this urge to call and say it’s because they're family
lucky you lucky me
you’re so busy bee busy bee busy busy busy be me