Saturday, January 16, 2016


Always hear it’s how you play that counts.
We gave up our rights a long time ago,
So no wrongs, no rights
Only moments in time matter,
Impermanency, guts and bones,
Blissfully my pains survive
Explain away foul overcast weather
Umbrella soaked through,
Ignore gathering storm clouds
All about who you know
Who you think you know
But each day you know less
Care less everyday, careless.
Someone cares, someone
Somewhere someone cares,
Wonder why
People care about being right and winning.
Refuse to see they’re wrong.
Always someone else’s fault
Deny it all!
Losing is someone else duty,
Whoever’s there is here to win,
Can’t see their namesake beyond the cloud.
God says, “Pray to me, I’ll pass your name through humanity.
Fool’s gold, can’t win, can’t lose …
So finite down to here we stand today
Adverse time flits around in my mind
Believe we see eye to eye
Fame and fortune, silver platters,
Invest in harvesting DNA
Imagine they’re alive
In our planet’s new dawn,
Part of a stronger race will survive and thrive.
No one knows.
Words touch, we make momentary contact.
You feel you know me but I’ve never met you before.
I feel it in my bones.

Earth embraces spirit.
No one survives.
Say, betray, survey,
Afraid to eat tempeh  
They say it’s good but soy is one of the worst MSG offenders
I avoid.

Time promenades, afraid of no one,
Time has no demise
To pay the price
We march alongside her
Prisoners unwilling to be free
Sing in her flow, sting in her flow, glow in her flow
My body aches as time marches through me
Love courses through my veins
Bane of dreams, misted breaths,
Hurts hold on,
Sustain in sequestered drawers in our mind
Pull out to analyze sometimes,
Sometimes leave the drawer closed
Closed like a needle thrust deep into muscle,
Drawers exist to open
Opening and closing seasons,
Allergic to time, sounds flit around in my mind
Time is repugnant
Sensations stud me, prod and goad me
Like I’m a goat in a herd
Thank God someone gives meaning to hate
Preach love pounds pavement,  
Only love can save us
Follow like Roman slaves clawing to get in our graves
Oh Green, Green Rhapsody - I pray for phosphorescent mystery