Friday, September 06, 2013

Rainbow Fantasy

I live in an age where when I go to CVS and ask the sales person for Mercurochrome he has no idea what I’m talking about. Live in an age where most people under 25 have never heard of Marilyn Monroe. Some few saw the recent production of movies and T-shirts shown all over the fashion industry. I bought a Marilyn shirt at Macy’s. Probably people who grew up during her time saw the movies about Marilyn’s life.

They had to kill Marilyn. True she’d been passed down through the Kennedys and I recall how she sang, Happy Birthday Mr. President with that Eartha Kitt sexy breathy voice, a husky tinge promising more to come.

People don’t know who Janis and Jimi are either, don’t see why they should give a damn about them. It’s more about who you are today in light given years. You see what I mean. - O’lay!

Living in an age where stars are criminals and the more props you gain from your evil deeds the more famous you become.

No one cares about a starlit gaze, a maze of illustrious dreams; everyone thinks things so easy now-a-days. Com’on and get happy, throw all your cares away.

Get on a reality TV show to show your bad, show your stupid fat ass fad and that and 2 cents makes you famous.

Now-a-days they don’t make stars or Mercurochrome anymore. None of the real stuff can be found. A few stars pass by unnoticed and unnamed and no one can see what you see even when you explain it to them using a light show. No one knows anymore. We just imagine a new world we can make unable to see the waste of talents over years. No one knows anything anymore…

Used to be a time when people knew, a time when we knew what we could do and would join together to make things better.

All the fizz is out of the jizzmo.

No one’s going anyplace anymore. All out of that brand? I can’t understand why it hurts so much.

Know I’ve got to go where I can show I understand the flow of the naked glow - no one understands what I say. Is it because I live in a different realm and can’t be in this one?

The universe doesn’t exist or my mind resides on a faraway star, a space in a hidden universe.

I never conquered the space between the roses. The thorns bite to the quick when you try to pick one, a delicious hurt I want more of.  I savor the taste of blood as it rolls down my fingertips, a tribute to Eleanor, I suck my bloody finger, relish my taste when I'm too lazy to use the Astrogel. I slide my finger inside for more wetness. I lick my finger. It tastes so good, enjoy the scent and put my finger back on the buzzer.

Is this what they mean when they say you have 9 lives, do they mean that the universe I die in is different from the womb that birthed me.

What exactly changed that the fare went from a dime to two fifty in the timespan of half of a century or that the planet is hotter than before like summer days where they urge you to stay inside for your own good or you may explode inside the time it takes to walk outside to go where you decide to go.

Are people still the same or are they different? You have to shock people, force their eyes wide open, make them feel something and if you can’t do that in the span of a second then you’re second place, you’ll never be first.

If you have to ask the question you’ll never understand the answer no matter how many times it’s explained to you. You have to know, if you don’t know it’s like being dead, walking in a dense cloud of obnoxious smoke. Create a new trend, dubious dreams seem delirious. Next night I was there when it happened yet never witnessed the change.

The gap between space and time closes.

*Author's note

*I actually do know that Mercurochrome is outlawed because of the mercury because when I had this experience of going to a drugstore and not finding it on shelves and no one knowing what it is anymore, I looked up why and learned. 

Thanks to Thomas Hubbard to corrected my spelling of Jimi.