Friday, July 11, 2014

True Color Makes My Heart Sneeze

I try to think of what color 
I might be yet all I can see
Is I'm the color of me

I'm true blue as I can be
I'm still only me
Far as I can see
I'll always be me

When I'm with you
I turn to we 
No matter what I do
I become split in two 
When I join with you

I stay true to you
I stay true blue
Yet I am only me 
I remain the same hue

Alone I am me
Together I become we
The me I want to be
Remains to be seen 

I cannot be you
I don't have a clue
As to where the me
That I am goes when I'm with you
Strangely enough, neither do you

So you be you and I'll be me
And later we'll meet for coffee or tea
We'll look out at the clear blue sea
Stare in your eyes to reflect me

Because I am you and you are me