Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Rose Between My Hips – My Other Lips

My pussy folds its lips around your dick’s circumference like a closed rose with muscles behind
folded petals circumscribe to your vibe, grasping you inside
slide against hidden folds of flesh, mold to mold
velvet soft texture
probing finger defined by pussy trembles contracts
Each quiver entices deeper
I wonder if the men who enter me feel as lucky as I do to explore
Smooth ribbed wet crevices inside
Titillate my senses –
Sometimes I don’t understand how men’ll do anything for a bitch
I get an itch to explore that witch inside
If I’m deprived too long
I want to shout eat me out
Do cunnilingus until your face turns blue
Sex is entertaining
– I’m not much at abstaining
from my sex domain
Can’t contain my appetite and stamina
My pussy is unconstrained and untrained
after you eat me out let me take you for deep love ride
Stop slowing the thrust of your penis when I need faster
and closer
Put your nine in there and stop whining about a deadline
Just relax and give me head we’re already on the bed
make me come before I die of boredom
I like extended sexual orgasms
You say let’s watch the moon rise
And remind me to use the astroglide
You say you’re looking for a deeper thrill,
I say my pussy’s tight and talk about skill
You come back with words of love
And hold out the astroglide for a smooth love ride
I say my pussy loves dick better than soul food
You get unglued I speak in taboos you get shrewd
Talk about how it’s soft wet and firm all at once
Perchance parlance your preference is my wet pussy