Friday, December 06, 2013

See Clearly Abundant Obstacles

Purple luminescent moon, deep florescent blue-sky
mirror eyes refuse to judge and see
I become one of them
I am one of them
The ones who have done wrongs
I am one of them
The one who sees the right
Moons up high in a golden sky
Up high, purple, not golden, I see it - violet, not yellow
One love one world one desire
Nature no longer pure

No one can fight the flow of love 
the truth will set me free 
the truth is set before me but I only see 
what they put there for me to see 
in control of xyz, who’s in control in domain e 
I can’t see but what is put before me 
I only see what they want me to see,
like Fox news on TV, 

I’ve become part of what they let me see
Please let me see
Fear the answer in deed
The truth will set me free
Truth wind and fire, free desire
I’m on fire tonight
What a sign a sight of Taweret       (prounouced D-aww-waH-Ray)

Seshat made me ride the dragon
Turned tides trite keep the darned lamp lit
I know where to sit plus I gave you my turn
Reality begs the question to answer

Com’on and give me some loving keep it tight tonight
Give me some of that sweet loving tonight
Found a man to do me right
Give me some of that sweet sweet loving tonight
The very sight of you makes me cry
remember the night you first invited me to join you
Sweet cheat in my heart
Eyes Wide Open I see the magic mysteries of trees
Easy to see magic in trees, adorned and leaves bereft, 
flowers and other foliage carried away in the storm 

I can’t digest the storm in my heart
Thunders with discontent
Doors close, all alone, listening to word play, 
new words mist to old, the saxophone wails 
while my heart fails to close, 
beg for mercy feel snow flakes falling on my head

Silver branches reverie, a starlit night, stark bare branches
crystalized icy leaves twinkle bright on a bitter chill night
November ends red and violet changes to gold caprice and yellow
mystified by how simple a delight

Ice my shivers, silver dragon fantasies

Seshat: Ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing
Twaret: Protective ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility.