Saturday, July 04, 2015


I’ve got the all kinds of bugs blues,
Got rid of bed bugs
Then fleas got a hold of me
Got all kinds of bug blues
Either way I lose

Insects invade my house like
Squatters who refuse to pay rent
Invade my space from all angles
Fruit flies fly into my eyes & ears,
Fly around my computer screen

Fear drives me, makes me see
Bedbugs aren’t the only parasites  
More afraid of how we live
Our entire lives invaded consistently
Sign petitions on the Internet
Fear instills me with those bedbug blues for sure

Stinkbugs threaten to enter,
Cling to my 16th floor window screen
Insects invade my heart & soul
Posttraumatic stress syndrome sets in
Obsessed by the insect kingdom
Imagined their numbers grew and grew
Because all the all kind of bug blues

Bemusing I clench my fist
Capture what first seems a Knat
Inspecting it in my palm and transfer to a bottle,
Can’t make heads or tails of it. Excuse the pun.

I visit the bug shop on the corner.
Give my sample to the shop’s proprietor
Ms. Young Lady declares she’s an expert,
In her eyes, definitely not bedbugs-

I breathe a sigh of relief
She affirms it’s a kind of mealy bug – whom eats food

I watch as stink bugs crawl through my window
Climb right in between the glass and screen
All the way up to the 16th floor
I wonder how they do it

Why do they pick me?
These Stinkbugs fly, buzz around my head
Help me get rid of them

Please explain, where do 
All these bugs are come from?