Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wow - Another award!

This award is even more noteworthy than the last because my blog was chosen to be included under The Top 40 Poetry Blogs On The Web.
I'm doubly honored and blessed to receive this award because only 40 blogs were chosen and Joy Leftow's Poetry Blog is one of them.

Here's the letter I received:

Hi Joy Leftow,

I am writing to inform you that Joy Leftlow's Blog has been featured on Guide to Art School’s list of the Top 40 poetry blogs found here: We hand-picked a list of our favorite poetry blogs and outlined the unique reasons why we love them. We were impressed that you manage and publishe your own poetry on your blog site. We also noticed that your poetry is updated frequently and touches on a many different ideas and issues.

Yay Joy - go Joy way to go...
I have to be my own best publicist since I have no one else to do it for me!

Mine is listed under Other Fantastic Poetry Blog. Here is what they say about mine.

Joy Leftow's Blog: Joy Leftow's manages and publishes her own poetry on her site. The blog has a fairly large following. Her poetry is updated frequently and touches on a many different ideas and issues.


For two years in a row I've been awarded the 100 Best Poetry Blogs by Accredited Online Colleges. I am so grateful to receive this honor once more. My blog is listed under female poets with a group of a dozen others. I'm so proud to be included among the best of the best!

The categories for 100 best poetry blogs are:
Poetry Basics
Poetry Commentary
Published Poets
Female Poets
Male Poets
Poetic Teachers
Photographic Poetry
Fun Stuff

What it says about my blog is this:
Joy Leftow’s Blog: Get access to hip and fun poetry, as well as spoken poetry here.