Saturday, November 28, 2015


Follow the line of the wool yarn, literally
Focused on untying, using my ability
Struggling to unravel the unkempt threads
Hoping to get it done before energy’s dead
The yarn in knots like the threads of my life  
Keep the line in sight, maintain life’s rife
Each strand disappears, like life’s roads
Each strand represents a code

Feel like I’m about to implode
Another episode losing blood
I die inside, another life buds
Still a young blood in my head
My body betrays numerous threads
Cry about all that’s left unsaid
Can’t go back in time to retread
Step ahead, can’t forget the dead

Blood turn my panties bright red
My body dreads being overfed
Think I’ve forgotten my purpose
Mundane concerns usurp us
Overwhelmed by the burden
Can’t throw out the wording
Remain in my brain absorbing
Memories like they are hoarding me