Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Need My Words

Need to see words hand written,
Need words typed in neat clean letters
Words born disappear like a sunrise mist
Gone by midmorning
Daily a fight ensues to restore my words to memory
Words stain my brain like berries stain my fingertips
Faces and names get easier than specific word recall
Lose track of adjectives, verbs, and adverbs
Nouns and verbs stream by my consciousness steamed by battle
Articles circumvent examination, addled
Words flee from my lips
Escaping interjections and prepositions
Frustration when words get away,
Write words down, use pen and microsoft

Pray to revive lost words,
absorption in proper punctuation, grammar,
Avariciously use pen, paper, and computer
Develop vocabulary, learn pronunciation
Ravenously, like a wolf, write words, devour words,
Believe words, hoard words are me,
Words deliver, create lust; rousts self-criticism, spreads similar views,
Words are abused and used
Words create desires; produce peace and love,
Words are seeds; words flower they flourish,
Grow out of control

Write words carefully, choose words 
Ardently respect word power
Words race around my mind
surround me like vagabonds searching warmth and nourishment
Contemplate obscure, little known meanings
Scrutinize each word’s effect
Each word opens spaces, new places
Each word provides sensitivity to pain and pleasure,
Stretches mental capacity
Words read and said exist, disappear like wind at sunset
Words written, never read, disintegrate like carapace

Write words, fear I’ll lose them if I don’t write and say them
Read written words aloud, hear their sounds
Word clouds form above my head like Lil’ Abner
Greedily read words, lap words up from books and cyberspace
Over passing seasons

Words capture a moment in eternity