Thursday, April 21, 2016



Have you ever felt the sunshine kiss you tenderly?
Feel sunshine abandon you at dusk for a bright white winter moon
Have you ever been as lonesome as a chained bear baited by dogs
A big black bear with teeth and nails removed, no longer a slayer
Thunder cries but alone you die slowly inside betrayed by bodies
Under bare tree branches, sinister things happen while we lie awake helpless
Is it any wonder I can’t lose these blues

Truth of who loves me is the answer to my unconscious question
Witness my decay, as I age no longer a number I can wave away
Words flow exponentially from a body I no longer recognize
Words witness my decay as I go more into my flow
A little faith goes a long way
The answer to who loves who on the same plate please
Flow more into my goals as easily as I lick an ice cream cone

Have you ever kissed the sunshine, sat there warm and tenderly,
Words precede me, darkness follows light, and my tongue flows flawlessly
Reveals tireless concealed appeals listening to the trombone wail
Bluetry giving life through a brand new litany –
Flowing effortlessly - giving revival to a unified force
Give me your hand, I’ll show you my goal

Push on to bring shit tighter
My tongue stays loose like a rapper in paradise
My body becomes harder for my mind to push through
My tongue more alive than the rest of me
Fear, anticipation and rage blend and fuel me
Speak through a corpse of someone I once knew - I try to make do
Silver dragon enters through these blues

Have you ever kissed the sunshine while walking between the raindrops?
Words flow through my veins as I pray for a universe of peace to delete abuse
Tired of seeing so many hurt animals and folk put through the food chain
World where all that exists are tasteless vegetables from depleted soil
Livestock have no rights; beef and pork render a new underclass
Humans like spoiled cider lacking circumspect
Tired of feeling chagrin 
Tired of being an underclass

Have you ever begged for sunshine while you survived the latest monsoon?
Alone heartbroken seeking love in someone’s smile
Wind whispers, voices set forth
The conglomeration for a powerful new nation
With all old abuses sent to damnation
Have you ever begged for sunshine and felt it slip through your fingertips
While you exclaim, proclaim and explain you’re waiting for the right time
Wait for a future, neglect the present, time is divine,
Resign to a lead line; the stars align in sunshine
Have you ever kissed the sunshine, walked between raindrops?
Sun streams through to touch you one last time