Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will It Ever Stop

Everyone complains when it rains. Rain tantalizes,
fills me with anticipation and gratification,
recognition that redemption is on the horizon.
My soul burns with fire
hit with a live wire until
goose bumps rise on my skin
Wait and watch diamond sparkles water curtains fall
from a vivid bright lit up silver sky
iridescent gray shaded clouds move high
Sitting in a soft luminous green velour parsons chair
watching through my plate glass window
from my 16th floor perch
Gazing through the sheets of rain
I am transposed to a different time,
Contemplation of gains or losses,
how much garbage can I toss or give away
find people to buy what I can no longer use
I compose a poem and string words along
wonder if I’ll truly belong anywhere or go anyplace ever again
No place to call my own, no home no
Love left me alone again soul searching for diversion
I enter seclusion and decide the rain is nothing but a mist
and the sun has won out
It’s time to get out of the house once more