Sunday, July 13, 2014

There They Stand, Watching Me Watch Them

He jumps up, says she’s abusing him
Grabs his shit, runs through the door
Everyone watches

Bona fide great pride, all pretty and perfect outside,
Suburbia defined and redefined
Inside created a great divide
Live in a world of Jekyll and Hyde. Good gone,
Erased in time, lives in a lie cocoon. How can I judge?
Your boy Paco tells stories that make scary seem good
“A very bad person,” said Judy determinedly
Judy deals with rapists and killers

You give Motherhood a bad name
Denial and avoidance is your leisure
You brag about Paco on your Facebook page
Enjoy the fruits of your glory
Raised with hate, he could’ve been a terminator
But turned to art instead
He despises you for not protecting him
Chose to protect his father who maimed him
For that, he’ll give you up for lent
Ugly passion, you’re poison to him

Stood there and watched; shit beat from him literally
Leave Facebook messages, ‘My Paco’
Be assured, accomplishments he made were in spite of you
He should’ve blocked you on multimedia long ago
An object fit to reject
Bitch, let me break it down
Don’t contact him
He won’t contact you

Outing you is the best I can do
I officially out you for your abuse, neglect,
Your surrender to sadism
Witnessed and personally done
I out you, I do
Out you, I do
I out you, I do

It is the best I can do …do …do…