Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Clean all day and still can’t
Make this mess go away
Pick up here, pick up there,
Pick up everywhere,
Get this urge to purge
Feel a great surge of energy
Vacuum, mop, careful to reach every spot
On the floor, the problem at its core
Is cat hair everywhere, I abhor
Hair all over the floor, my clothes
I can’t bear it anymore
I say a prayer thinking that will help
I swear it seems the more I clean
the more hair spreads around
I declare war and still can’t make a dent
Buy special mops and dusters, I’m spent out
All I can do is vent about it
No matter how frequently I mop and dust,
The cat hair increases instead of decreases
Try to make peace with all the hair
Ask the cats to please cease shedding
But apparently cats don’t listen
More difficult to get rid of than grease
It’s even in clean clothes
Inside my drawers,
I adore my cats
But they shed on the bed,
Even find cat hairs on my head
Cat hair all over the floor and me
Spend half my day cleaning
The hair builds quickly I confess,
Reappears magically causing me stress
Impossible to make a dent in the mess
After all my efforts to dispossess
The hair remains nonetheless

Author's Note:
Sometimes people here for the first time tell me they are overwhelmed. I thought I'd make a few suggestions for those people on what to read with links.

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