Friday, May 07, 2010

totally going crazy

I already am

A publisher recently told me he'd been waiting on my short story for a book - little did I know he'd never received it. My life feels unsettled like a hurricane hit me.

I just realized my blog is fine it's my email that the problem.
I can't start over with a new url - it's too nuts and will make me more insane.
I'm changing it back.
I'm sorry I'm so crazy
the good news is I've come through with another solution!

one aggravation after another

I can't understand it.
Like lil abner a cloud follows my head.
I've been dealing with lost emails and sent emails that never go anywhere and from what I just learned this has been going on for many months. Now on my end when I send an email it makes that nice whoosssshhhh sound that apple mail makes and then they disappear into cyberspace. It took quite some time to realize all this was happening.

This time I did it on purpose without realizing it was my intent.
How could I do it again? – I followed the tech person’s instructions exactly.
And when he said do you mind deleting your email downloads I didn’t realize he meant I’d delete every drop of my email sitting on my desktop like a cold winter moon night letters disappear with morning light.

The simple solution would’ve been to create another box to dump my emails there. After I’d gone through every piece of email every day and cleaned it up spotlessly and saved what I needed over two years ~
Why would I delete it if I knew that’s what I intended to do in the first place.
My mailbox is clean and I still can't send mails out.
What a pain only a few days remain ...

For some reason I 'm the chosen one to be made the example of. Road runner finally admits they're the cause of the problem. I am no longer permitted by road runner to use my blog links in my emails. Can you imagine sending your emails daily and they don't go anywhere? Hrummmpph!

I called Road Runner some time ago. Told the tech man my problem but they kept insisting it wasn't their doing. They had no idea what caused the problem. The second or third tech didn't know either. The third time I called they told me to reset my password at road runner. These fixers worked for a minute and then people began complaining again about my mail. Road runner man did not ask me to back shit up either. It took the apple tech Bob and his crew to figure out why no one gets my emails.

I turned to apple time after time. I've been working with Bob for a few months on this email issue. I have eliminated my mail several times trying to resolve this. We'd reset the mail program by throwing out the mail from preference panes plist and by trashing mail from the library. These were the same steps the road runner man took me through too. After each restart mail would work for a little while and then stop again.

Bob and I tirelessly tested variation after variation seeking the answer to my misery. Yesterday Bob and his team figured it out. Bob said the problem was my server, that different email addresses get assigned different servers and that this server must be identifying my links as junk mail or unsolicited advertisements. So we tested this theory and found when I eliminated my blog links - low and behold, my mail mailed! I even sent boyfriend's links from my mail and that was received by the tech person. I set up a mobile me account and then any links worked. The apple rep said maybe road runner can set the server to accept my links.

When I called road runner I had to go through three people to get to the top tech who said my links are indeed blocked. He told me to write road runner security a letter which I did.

This is what I wrote below. I had to make the links clandestinely to show to them as you can see. Perhaps now I should do it like that in my letters too so they will go through.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Below are the 2 websites I use with my signature on all my correspondence. I am sending them to you so you can see they are poetry sites, not commercial spam sites.

h t t p : / / j o y l e f t o w s b l o g . b l o g s p o t . c o m

h t t p : / / j o y l e f t o w . c o m

I wrote a few more things but they never responded except for a form letter saying they receiving my correspondence.

Last night I went back to the drawing board and back to road runner. Last night a high tech person told me road runner is considering me a spammer when I use my links. When I said everyone else uses links Sam said, "you must've sent many mails with links. Eventually everyone else will reach this level of sending emails links - theirs too will be blocked." Sam said it also has to do with the popularity of my link.

To make a long story short I'm stymied for a second.

Don't you always include your web links in your emails? What's this world coming to?