Friday, October 22, 2010

busy busy bee busy me

For those who don't know we finally got the Cartier back up and gunning.

If you want to download - click below
The Cartier Street Review

To only view - the link below is for you
View The Cartier Street Review 

We welcome Mike Finley here to our elegant hard working staff. Mike is responsible for layout and for getting our mag out this issue.

A hand to staff for their untiring energy in reading and sorting through submissions.

Marc Carver
Brad Eubanks  and click here too
Thomas Hubbard

If you are submitting for the first time- please follow these rules: Thanks to Mad Swirl for sending them to me!

1. Write something in the subject line in email to tip us off what you are sending, for example, poetry submission along with your name

2. Provide a greeting. "Hello" or "Dear Editor" works great.

2. Include a very short bio. For example, "I am John or Jane Poet". Wow, that's easy! 

3. Thank the people you are sending your submission to for taking the time to read it.

4. Include a closing salutation with a name at the end. "Sincerely, John and/or Jane Artist".

5. Don’t send more than 5 or 6 pieces maximum.