Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey all - don't you want to see what I get for free?

It is really strange but for about 2 years now, I have been getting stuff for free or almost free, for review. I may actually pay - when I pay - 19 to 99 cents for an item I may have brought anyway. You can check out my actual reviews and some of you may want to write reviews too. You need to be an 
Amazon Prime member and use Amazon and write reviews in order for sellers to begin writing and asking you to do reviews. That is how it happened. I get stuff everyday almost that has to be reviewed. It has turned into a 10 hour to 15 hour weekly gig for which I get paid in stuff. 

Here is a partial list of things I've gotten, sometimes several brands of the same item that I know people will use. I fine it's worth it just to give stuff away to people. 

1.  DVD - R/RW
2.  Wigs
3.  Cat toys
4.   Mouse
5.   Two Wrist Rest for Mouse & Keyboard
6.   Two wigs
7.   3 humidifiers- two are for changing lights and to be used with natural oil scents  
8.   Colored Pencils
9.   Children's toys and art supplies
10. Make ups and brush sets

And tons of other stuff that it is too much to go through. Plus I wrote a new poem inspired by my amazon profile.  It is fun too since I've been homebound and now am recovering from surgery on my foot. Take a look at the link to my profile above and please like some of my ads. 

What is clear is that sellers like my reviews.