Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Listen To the Poetry Queen, Violetwrites, Read  plus read while you listen 
- this is 2nd half - Below is 1st half of poem.

Fear to venture out
Afraid of myself 
Have to hide myself away of my own free will
Because I’m dangerous
Dangerous to my health and yours
So try to stay away from me
I’m fat so all these layers of fat are there to protect me from you, you, and you
I’m the you, the you – you never want to be, you even define yourself by the absence of affect which clearly puts me there at the center, and you look at me and say, “I will never be you! I would never be able to do what you did,” but walk a mile in everyone else’s shoes and somehow you find yourself there, in my shoes and me in yours
That’s what happens in interchangeable movies, right! We exchange the old for the young and young for the old. Then, somehow, when the young come back to old, who they really are, they all know what they thought they didn’t know, and after the interchange, and exchange, they recall, maintain and retain the change they knew and came back to
Where it all began and where we’ve been, what we learn, what we have to do
It counts if you went to the school of hard knocks
Please don’t send me back there
It’s how this all began, there, where I was born
No way to stop the clock, lost in this reverie 
Each day I’m more unhealthy to myself than the day before
A cycle of self hate, blame for who you are
Who I am who I say I’ll never be
Intentions matter say some
Others say only actions
I don’t know who to believe
Do I know where I am?
I don’t know anything 
Everyday that I live I know myself less each day I live
I try my best to know 
Yet what I know is I know less instead of more
What a dilemma!
I seek peace is hard to find
Peace to the planet
Peace to all who survive here
Here on our planet
Pray we humans all survive, animals, all inhabitants survive
Peace to all
Earth to all
Spread the Love and Peace to all
Om mani padme hum

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Western Wall, also called the Kotel is the last remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, which formed part of the enclosure of Herod’s temple, resulted in the encasement of a natural steep hill, that became the Temple Mount. The Kotel is holy due to its connection to the Temple Mount and is holy to Muslims, Jews, and Christians. This holy place was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The remaining wall is all that is left from the Temple Mount. 


Can a wall really wail or is that a fail-safe fallacy to inspire the fire inside
Does a wailing wall speak to inadequacy inside?
Can a wall 2000 years old wail sufficiently to quell my pain?
Can a wall help me see the heartbreak between Abel and Caine?
Can this 2000-year-old Western wall help our world find peace?
Help nuclear energy threats cease
Pray for wars to decrease
Help humanity stay safe without regrets
Pray no one forgets the past
The result of making outcasts leads to a lambaste

Will this wall provide a safe space to do more than cry about what’s left?
I try to shrug free of my chains 
There’s no escaping the Western Wall’s remains
Power soars through my veins, the wall opens my reality
Feels like labor pains, I feel my soul strain to let go restraints
An African lady, dressed in high fashion speaks in tongues I can’t understand. 
She pounds her chest, pounds the wall with a closed fist, and screams “Jesus” 
The rest of the words are forecast
African Lady’s fist pounds her words into the wall’s veins
A religious Orthodox Jew rolls her eyes momentarily aghast 
Then returns to her private prayers
I try to imagine African Lady’s sorrows as the wall absorbs them
Overcome with waves of feeling, I struggle to see through my tears, fears appear,
I return my gaze to a wall I don’t know but somehow feel like I’ve been here before, 

Wailing inside, feel all aglow, wait for my soul to be lit by peace
I place my shred of paper with my prayers for our world to heal
The wailing western wall, a holy grail
My hand held steady against a small sweet spot of stone, mine momentarily,
Press my hand against ancient limestone
Can’t control the flow of my tears 
Hard to reach through all the bodies to press my hand through 
Other women clamor to touch the wall
Maybe think the wall will heal the
People from many lands and many religions, 
Lay our hands on together, on this sacred stone wall
All hope for love, relief, a better life, for everyone
The wall crowded with thousands of us praying together, 
People from many lands and many religions all here like one
Lay our hands on this sacred stonewall, ancient limestone 
Pray for family, pray for peace, 
Pray for a better world 
Pray humanity will survive, whatever befalls us
Pray for love, relief, a better life, for loved ones
For everyone, everywhere, humanity together, for once and for all…