Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Want a little piece of mind

At the crossroads between dejection boulevard and desolation road
I try to leave the dead behind I’m so
Tired of dealing with unkind references
to myself and others
I’m tired of making lemonade with so many lemons
I want to leave the bad behind, keep an open mind

I want a little piece of mind so I can leave behind
Everyone unkind, stop being confined by the tales
they unwind
People can’t see, no one’s clever; hope survives
forever blind
I live in a world where everyone is kind

Our great nation is at the mercy of another oppression
a rising recession
a looming depression of immense proportions
like we’ve only seen once before.

I paddle faster trying to stay afloat – and stay positive. I keep trying to figure out the solution to the pollution the question of destruction to humans and animals. Keep searching for direction in all this confusion, hoping for evolution a revolution a new solution for all great nations.

In a rhapsody of blue dreams undefined
blowing in the wind
The planets aligned provide piece of mind
I want a little peace of mind to keep hope alive
Like fresh brewed java in the morning served
with a little steamed cream
Sunlight steams though my window blinds
giving me my piece of mind.