Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another True Story About A Bad New Social Worker

Too stupid to follow through she’s only good for company he says
Her incompetence creates more work for me
I have to watch, make sure she does what she should
only she hasn’t got a clue what she’s supposed to do
She can sit and twinkle her toes and her supervisor
doesn’t seem to have a clue or know
what her new social worker is supposed to do

New social worker concocts stories and lies about what she needs to do
What she should do, has to do, needs to do and gets away with it too
So she doesn’t have to do what she should do
She decides to socialize with her clients
I guess it’s more fun than work
She gets away with conniving & manipulations too
His therapist confirms what I told him is true

I guess it's easy with the mentally ill
I decide to write a bad service review
and name the culprit with poor skills.
Yelp takes my review down even though there are several others too
Mixing rhythms and rhymes with social excursions on the Internet

Within days Yelp removes all the reviews
Concerning the guilty culprit
But I’ll tell you right now, and I mean this too
Stay away from the Post Graduate Center for Mental Health