Saturday, December 30, 2017


Why blame me for all the pain
Credit me for all the gains you’ve had
For years and years
Credit me for fame
Who wants the blame for what you said I did
That I didn’t do
I know your name
It’s ok for you to jump in my game
Stop acting like we’re Cain and Abel
Or like we’re both rebels on opposite sides
In line for the same resources
I’m your friend not your enemy
Don’t confuse me,
I won’t excuse you
Don’t play this game today
My name is your name
Let’s put us in a frame
It sounds a little lame
But it’s true not contrite
We’re staying tight
Don’t give up the fight
I’m trying to keep you alive
Finally saw the light
Left behind the blight
Left me in such a fright
Really not trite
I assure you
The value of my life depends on fame, on my name, my game and gain
Spread the word
Don’t blame me for the pain
For not seeing the way you claim
To see I can’t pretend to be or see what I don’t see
I’d like to play that game sometimes, would make life a little easier and I admit I took that turn several times – went down that path knowing the truth had left me there, alone and bereft
So I try again and again
Help, help me please