Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogging in Washington Heights

It's very pleasing and rewarding to be appreciated artistically. Thank you Carla Zanoni for featuring both of our blogs in your blogwatch. I have been reading Zanoni's Blogwatch since it's inception in Manhattan Times. Her blog, The Streets Where We Live is also enlightening.

I was featured on February 5th blogwatch and didn't even know it until a few weeks ago.

Here's the link to my feature. I'm on page 2.

The Cartier Street Review and Joy Leftow's Blog

A visit to The Cartier Street Review, a nonprofit online literary journal that features poetry, short prose, articles about and reviews of poetry, led to the discovery of the self-proclaimed “Poet Laureate of Washington Heights,” Joy Leftow.

Her poem “Blues Part II” was featured in February’s edition, but this Northern Manhattan resident’s canon and random thoughts about living in the city can be further explored through her home grown blog.

Make sure to dedicate some time to the reading: Leftow’s sometimes philosophical meanderings can be deliciously thought consuming.


And now DubbleX is featured in this weeks blogwatch by Carla Zanoni. Yay - hooray for me - I'm a good publicist! And Hooray for Dubblex. He's so tickled to be featured.


Poetry Prose & Photos with GCast Player

Not sure what a GCast player is, but it’s certain that DubbleX, the author of this site, is a talented poet with an ear for deep rhythm and rhyme. A prolific writer, DubbleX has a steady stream of poetry at the ready and posted on his blog. A Northern Manhattanite, the author lives with his partner Joy Leftow, whose work has been featured in this column before. They also co-edit The Cartier Street Review, an online literary magazine. DubbleX’s work has a definite sensuality and eroticism in unexpected places, with lines like “the island of Manhattan/ is a body of land/ surrounded by water Inwood is her head/ tracing down to a Washington Heights meringue nights neck/ sloping to strong Harlem shoulders.” Sizzling.