Friday, September 08, 2017

Is it worth it? You decide

My love for you is deeper than the deepest sea
Softer than the softest breeze
Higher than the tallest tree
Don’t ask me why this prize was yours
Not mine to decide

Not what’s said but dread of unsaid
Written words make me become undone
Much more than spoken do
You don’t need this shit called love any more than I do

Move to the beat, broken souls reject
Healing, sift through broken bones
As though the answer lies in our wishes
We become lies we live
Buried in solitude, create a fortress
Make us prisoners
Of our own demise

Hearts like silver need polish
Troubled and cautious, need to demolish
Striving to forget unpunished deeds
Our souls create a fort for faith
Hide away, survive wounds, lost battles, day after day
Feel like I’m a rash or allergy, out of control

Think before you speak or
Forever hold your peace
Like shame from tarnished childhood
Secluded from the sun
There’s nothing won in fighting
Tell me give up
I’ll stop hoping

My love for you, stronger than a hurricane
More powerful than an angry storm at sea
Baby don’t make me explain
Feelings I have for you
My heart stuck on you like glue
Love like morning dew

Monday, September 04, 2017


Hear my song of woe
Look well; see the flow
Life’s lusting for survival
Rivals reaching for revival
In competition for resources
Desire to find recourses
Consumerism’s lust thrust upon us every step
Creates a schism in our humanity
Strive for sanity
Search for an end to succumbing
To become better before death comes …

Fame, riches, voices no one hears, too busy with wanting to get what they have  
Yet somehow never did
Passion and poetry flow in my veins, Poetry makes us see more than we want
Examine, consider anew
Like a sudden cloudburst, rain can’t be avoided
Get wet even if you didn’t want to
Hear my pleas, please, hear the crying of all factory-farmed animals scream, cry for help

Production methods for meat is a disgrace to humanity
Make conscious beings suffer in rounds from birth to death, lives unlived, shortened drastically, live in constant pain tragically
Brutality can’t possibly have redeeming qualities
Follow like the livestock we are, allow immorality to flourish
Need to be free from barbarity lest we become the suffering we imbibe

Our earth requires compassion
Consciousness and cruelty don’t get along
Pain sears through my brain
Soul Secrets rip through me
Stand outside my head observe
Bleak reality
Surrounded by pollution
Needing a solution
No absolution through brutal lives led to slaughter – is this really nutrition
Who stands to explore alternatives to barbarous merciless sadistic tradition?

Create compassion, humanity –

Be the change we want to see …

Saturday, August 19, 2017


If one was well enough to do everything one needed to do, to get relief one sought,
then one wouldn’t need the help he needs in the first place, would he?
Life is Catch 22 of the universe
He said, “I don’t understand why you insist on helping him,”
“I want to,” I said, “It’s a feeling I have and want to.
What difference does it make to you?”
While we waste time on bullshit,
Epiphany strikes suddenly, a new sight, an oversight
The answer to the question to make evil disappear
warnings served years ago come into play with global warming
Ignoring criticism about forefathers back in the day of humanity
Helps me glimpse the truth that we’ll never get away
Now technology makes it impossible to hide away
Know our religion, know when we pray
Tracked by GPS, our cell phones, credit cards tracked, petition signing
Usage tallied and compiled daily
Threats to control humanity
Spread the word today
Trickle down abuse flourishes

Foster peace in a world of abuse
Propagate hope, knowledge widens the scope,
Many see trickle down abuse encompassing earth
Come see, you know whom I mean!
They ~ the big they, you know who they are,
They will not give us back this glorious great land.
They fight for coin and silver.
Slowly we go to slaughter, 
Like pigs, goats and cows,
We kill ourselves in their sham.
Forced to pay more than our share of taxes
It’s only paper you know, 
No more gold in Fort Knox.

All the gold owned privately
Who's in charge of our government?
Symbols lurk every place you see
Small, insidious, devious concerns surround us, 
Controlled by society, daily news, 
TV, our jobs families, forget our conscience
Our desires prevent our seeing
Facebook and twitter rule you can’t see
Enough to spin your head, dizzy,

Can’t comprehend why Facebook
Warns you not to add more friends,
You can only add so many each night
Isn’t adding friends a boon to Facebook?
Every day it becomes more difficult
to understand the world I’m living in

They are not going to give our land back
If we don’t fight for our rights,
if we don’t take earth back from the usurpers
who have stolen our planet,
We can’t inherit the earth by common assent,
agree our land is not sold for gold,
this land is god’s gift,
is not ours to give or buy,
but to love and care for 
like we do our children …

This land is your land,
This land is my land
From California to the New York island
From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and Me.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Review by author, publisher, poet, writer, and musician, Thomas Hubbard

Book review by Thomas Hubbard
Tupelo Honey & other tales, by Joy Leftow Published by Aquillrelle, 2017
164 pages
ISBN 978-1-365-84019-7

Don’t stop with ”one more pill...”
Nearly everyone who writes poetry passes through a period of pure autobiographical poems, usually defining themselves as “isolated” because of gender, race, religion, appearance or some other personal trait. The first piece in Joy Leftow’s collection, Tupelo Honey & other tales, is such a poem. BUT, unlike most victim poetry, it is a well crafted, literate work incorporating “rap” that actually expresses cogent information.
So Joy Leftow has indeed been there, and may still revisit occasionally. She has also developed much farther, turning out poems that look into others’ lives. Leftow’s title poem for this collection is “Tupelo Honey,” a heart- wrenching glimpse into the troubled life of a methadone baby who is also HIV. It’s been said that good writing produces a “word picture.” This poem goes beyond “picture” to produce a photograph in words. Have a tissue handy.
In “American Train Trip,” Leftow touches on another poetry staple, a poets’ poem. She relates, with what must at the writing have been a quirky half-smile, a train ride that turns
into a poem about a train ride that turns into a poem. Careful now, don’t trip.
In this collection you will find poems of nearly every type, even a nature poem titled, “Summer Yields to Autumnal Equinox.” Another word photograph. What is really important about this collection and about its author is its range. Reading through these poems you will see most of the stops a developing poet makes on her way to mastery. And having finished your first reading of Tupelo Honey & other tales, you may well find yourself buying another copy, or two, for gifts to friends—because this is not a shelf book. It belongs on your bedside nightstand. You’ll wear it out.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


You’re right, a moments’ delayed action
It could happen just like you said,
We could be dead in a split second
To end your life in an accident
Your best friend holds last sacrament
Inadequate to explain what’s evident
Not playing devil’s advocate,
There’s a precedent
Proving your point,
Religious is as religious does
Feel like I’m stuck in a sound wave
or a science fiction film
Even if you do what you’re supposed to
You can still end up dead or alive

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Desires Proliferate

Live in the closet of my love.
Live together in love
Live alone in society
Live in the lap of luxury.
Live on the dark side of time
Live in reality and live in a fantasy world
Create regions of legions in my mind
Dream conversations that never occur
My mind is a blur
Anticipate reversal, life’s controversial
June frost instead of blooms
A foreboding sense of doom looms
Casts a spell and dispels the gloom,
Sweep the room of yesterdays away
Use a brand new red broom to chase away my blues

Friday, July 07, 2017

Freedom Rings Righteously

Make your own reality
Make it more than fealty
Give you your guarantee
You have my loyality
It’s ok, we’re not royality
Anyone can be an appointee for all it’s value
Be absentee for all its worth
Stand there and set yourself free
We all want to be free too
See the world
How many feel free, are free because we want to be free
How can we be free?
Do we leave society …
Follow the whoremongers, degenerates and warmongers running society
If you set yourself free and I can be me and you can be who you want to be as long as it’s safe
Don’t want to go up against the law, stay within the law, be free inside of me ~
free to be the best me I can be
I want world’s reality to be better than ever
This song is a prayer to make our world better

May the lord above and spirits guide us to heal, be righteous with ourselves and others, order ourselves never to presuppose – truth is different to each of us
I hear if I want to be free I can be but is it reality
Do we each make our reality as advertised

Life makes reality daily
Is reality chance or choice?
Who has the answer? …
Thoughts in my head run rampant with fever.
We’re featured on life’s marquis
Worried I won’t get to see the Ganges
I’m the new queen bee of poetry
Every day create new reality
Live to create
Leave the Dead Sea behind
Live each day a new day to create carefree whims
If you want to live free, live free
Free yourself be yourself we’ll live together free in a new land we create in the valley of our dreams