Saturday, October 15, 2016

I’m a “wanna be”

I’m a “wanna be”
I wanna be graffiti covering walls boldly like Shira and
some old time guy – Crash one –
who painted graffiti on trains
I wanna be classical art like Van-Gogh, Degas and Matisse
Modern like Roy Lichtenstein, Pollach
I wanna be art covered in dead mosquitos
Visions of what we can and should be
Envelop my dreams

I wanna be actress, singer, grand some sports enthusiast
I wanna be poet, writer, Indian girl
Damn 3 percent Indian girl
Don’t you think I know it’s hard to be so many things
All at once, we have to climb high
Be many things all at once

I wanna be means I try every day
To be another me
Media throws so many me’s in my face
Everyday I’m like, “Who am I gonna be today
You wanna be me
Try to walk a mile in my shoes

Yes it’s clichĂ© to say but so true
I wanna be Halle Berry, Jenifer Lopez, Marilyn Monroe,
Debbie Reynolds, Beyonce, and Jayne Mansfield
All rolled into one convenient slice of pie

I want to be a Royal Purple Audi 500, Special Pass Auto
I wanna be best of the best, is who I Want To Be
It’s hard to be anyone when mostly everyone
Barely knows who they are today, or tomorrow
Our hearts immune to roars of despair
Controlled by media, the score, blind deaf despair

Back in the day popularly called wanna be’s
Now everyone’s a “wanna be”
Hard to know true, everyone imagines we can be
Who we want to be – nurtured by American dreams,
A society amiss with misfits who all wanna be too
Some few have the means to be more than they are –
I don’t fit in with the Jones, try to fit in
Wherever I can, yeah it’s hard to be a loner
Barely fit in anywhere, if you please
Plus I don’t have the means to fit it in with the Jones
How free would we have to be
To be who we you wanna be today
The controllers say
Free your mind,
I ask can my mind decide my identity?

Try to be, can I be who I want to be today or any day
Happy New Year to you all and to all a good night
Ooooohhhh did ya hear we’re all free
So free that all we need do is free our minds
Be friends with crazy Bob Dylan,
Joni Mitchel and Natalie Merchant
Hobnob with high society
Just a wanna be

Wanna be someone different today?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Will The Real Violetwrites Please Stand Up

For Fat Girls Who Want to Have Fun - I attest to this!
I love putting on wigs.
I love wearing wigs
I love feeling different
like I can choose a new me who I want to be,
a new self when I put on a wig, I feel more free
I don’t know how free I can be
I don’t know if I can ever be me
Because reaching for me
Is only the next reality
Of who I can be where I want to be
Want to be free
More of me shining through the alternative
Psychic reality of desire to be
To make a better me
Emerge from the light
Another new sight

Wigs cant make me a better person
But they make me feel bigger and better
In the moment of a cheating heart
my poetry flows like liquid literally
Each time I wear wigs
I feel I choose a new me I want to be,
a new self, I become because when I put on a wig,
I am more free
I say more because wig or not
I'm a chubby girl having fun wearing a wig
pretending to be someone I'm not

Wearing a wig or not
Wigs let me pretend I am who I want to be
And eventually I will be me
See, I wrote this on Amazon for a free wig
And it was written by true me,
like with each new wig I choose
I can choose a new me who I want to be,
a new self when I put on a wig, I am more free
I try to be more than I am, bigger than I am
More of me than I am ever to anyone
More me, better bigger,
more confident, prettier, younger,
More precise in being a better me

Who am I
I ask myself everyday
Who is the real me
Will the real violetwrites please stand up
Please Please stand up
Are you like me?
I’m the one I claim I’ll never be
I’m the one I try too hard to be
Laughing & crying,
I stand up to try to see who is the real me
I try to be the one I see
the me I own today
is the one I see everyday

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hey all - don't you want to see what I get for free?

It is really strange but for about 2 years now, I have been getting stuff for free or almost free, for review. I may actually pay - when I pay - 19 to 99 cents for an item I may have brought anyway. You can check out my actual reviews and some of you may want to write reviews too. You need to be an 
Amazon Prime member and use Amazon and write reviews in order for sellers to begin writing and asking you to do reviews. That is how it happened. I get stuff everyday almost that has to be reviewed. It has turned into a 10 hour to 15 hour weekly gig for which I get paid in stuff. 

Here is a partial list of things I've gotten, sometimes several brands of the same item that I know people will use. I fine it's worth it just to give stuff away to people. 

1.  DVD - R/RW
2.  Wigs
3.  Cat toys
4.   Mouse
5.   Two Wrist Rest for Mouse & Keyboard
6.   Two wigs
7.   3 humidifiers- two are for changing lights and to be used with natural oil scents  
8.   Colored Pencils
9.   Children's toys and art supplies
10. Make ups and brush sets

And tons of other stuff that it is too much to go through. Plus I wrote a new poem inspired by my amazon profile.  It is fun too since I've been homebound and now am recovering from surgery on my foot. Take a look at the link to my profile above and please like some of my ads. 

What is clear is that sellers like my reviews. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016


The electromagnet sitting on the fridge makes me bigger
Carrot juice makes me stronger
Zinfandel makes me grow longer
Broccoli to make muscle mass leaner
I've grown two inches taller since you last saw me
Did I mention ginger burns fat?
I'm 20 pounds thinner in only 2 months.
Ginkgo biloba makes me smarter
All other species of Ginkgophyta extinct
Gingo biloba only one left
Use many herbs to cure my numerous ills
Quicker ills pop up faster they disintegrate
Garlic cures infections inside and out

I'm superwoman, you're a has been
No justice at all.
Need rulers to tell us what to do
Followers need leaders
Like Peter Pan and Benjamin Button
we never grow older
Like Benjamin Button,
every day  grow younger
Soon we won't exist at all
No need to hire anyone for work
Do everything ourselves
Super powers in our brain.
Self-sufficient towers
Of humanity
We"ll be better every day.
Poor, downtrodden humans will survive
Hopefully we'll all finally get what we deserve!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Love Immortalized

What’s your name?
Ten thousand stars up in the sky
Mimic the light in your eyes
What’s your name?
Is it Sammy or Charles?
Or ten thousand names I can’t say
What’s your name?
Ten thousand stars up in the sky
Twinkling bright like the stars in your eyes
I long to feel your arms embrace me
Linger and softly touch my face
Oh it’s too bad, so sad
A thousand stars up in the sky
Created my own demise
Love seeps through my veins
Faster than a rumor through
Through a small town
Love is the valley of my mind’s eye

Can’t make me realize
That giving you my heart is so unwise
Your love is untrue – vaporized
Everyone who criticized you
Was right to warn me
Not to idolize you
To love is to learn
Although my heart yearns
For you baby
You remain taciturn and unconcerned
I cannot mend my broken heart
Everyone told me I was too smart
Tried to tear us apart
I insisted you were my sweetheart
Our love was doomed from the start
Saw you through blinded eyes
Now I realize my heart is so unwise

Friday, August 05, 2016


's review 
Aug 05, 2016  ·  edit

liked it
Recommended to Joy by: dunno actually - have read him before ...
Recommended for: mystery lovers
Read from June 26 to 28, 2016 , read count: 1



Read if you like my writing, reviews or styles and you'd like perusing more of my thoughts!

As soon as Tony was on the scene I figured he was the one. Kind of disappointing in that I was right. I kept hoping for some kind of last second Robert Parkers Twist. That didn't happen. I do like Mr. Margolin's poetic style and his word usage. Wild Justice is a page turner. Even though I knew he was serial killer, I kept wanting to see it played out. The characters don't know what I know because I've been reading the story from several points of view. I also read because I wanted to make certain Tony got caught. I liked the last minute - try to escape from being caught scenes. Those caught my attention. 

Please hep me somebody... hep me please - please - please

's review
Aug 05, 2016  ·  edit

it was amazing
Recommended for: Everyone, young and old, any age male and female, any age who can read and understand the words.
Read in August, 2016 , read count: 1

I like to read poetic, witty and unsettling work make to make me consider who I am and where I stand in the lives of people who know me or are close to me. I've read several of Tyler's books and always want to consume more. Her words and the way they flow in "Ladder of Years," feeds my desire to know - to know why I am the am that I am - to know the how I betray this I am - and how to consider changing the I of who I am. We can be another I, not the I that we know and are familiar with.
With each day we live - every choice - no matter how meaningless each choice seems, makes a difference in the next step we take. Literally, like children, we create and recreate ourselves every day in different ways and that is what Tyler's emphasis is on her portrayal with Delia.

I read because I want to know. I want to know what other writers write and how they think. I want to be me expressing who I am by my writing. Reading other writers make me a better writer. I read 75 percent of what I read to enjoy myself. The other 25 percent is to learn various things I want to learn and need to read to learn.

This book exemplifies how much of ourselves we hide, just like Delia. We ignore the things we want to say. We try to avoid hurting others or changing too much so we can stay where we are. And just sometimes, we feel a glimmer of hope and we take that first step to seeing and exploring ourselves. It brings me great pleasure and glee to watch Delia do all the things I want to do. I want to just up and leave my life and start over, just like Delia.

Strangely enough this review reminds me of the movie I just watched at iTunes, "Bird" directed by Charlie Parker. The movie and the book both gave me thoughts for food. I know it's supposed to be food for thought, yet for me, it is thoughts for food because the food is in the meat of the novel or movie. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm So Pretty, Pretty is as Pretty Does

When I smile I get pretty
When I feel pretty, I’m happy
When I’m happy, I get witty
When I’m witty, I join committees
When I join committees,
I escape to other cities
It’s a pity I can’t be happy all the time
But I discovered if I smile and laugh
It’s as though a seraph sits on my shoulder

Laugh all you want but I laugh
And the world loves me back,
I get no flack, get the knack
Smile on through to the other side

I’m ignored by riffraff and sales staff
Not sure it it’s a blessing or a curse
I love the world,
The world loves me
Like two turtle doves
Being natives in the jungle
The world and me
Have the world to ourselves
All I have to do is laugh
Wear a smile on my face
And very simply put~
Wearing a smile is how I get happy