Friday, July 24, 2015

Keeping up with RJ

Hard times have fallen
But the sun will shine again
It’s going to be all right baby
But I can’t say when
Well it’s hard times now
But the sun will shine again
Don’t know where I’m going,
But it’s better than where I been

Phone rang this morning,
Woke me out of bed
A hand came through the receiver
Shook me upside my head
Well there’s hard times people,
Getting worse every day
Bad luck’s got hold of me,
Every which way I turn
Should sell my soul to the devil
People say don’t talk that way

Hard times have fallen
But the sun will shine again
I'm a steady rolling woman
I roll both night and day
But I haven't got no sweet thing
To roll along with me
No one to roll along with me

Makes me feel so lonesome,
Can’t keep from crying, 
Can’t keep my eyes dry
Losing love’s tough that way,
Got to keep on struggling to get by
No time to worry if my life’s been in vain

Felix gone, left me behind
Been on my mind, left me quite blind
Life and death entwined
I’m a steady rolling woman
Staying on my grind
Hoping the stars stay aligned

Boarding that train
Not high on cocaine
Holding off the pain, feigning delight,
Got to slay these blues tonight

I'm a free rolling woman
Heading down life’s highway
A steady rolling woman
Standing at the crossroads
Lost track of time, 
brain out of whack
A turning tempo of time
Expecting the devil by & by
With his bag full of illusions
Want to find out why
Got my eyes on the prize,
Devil got his eyes on me

Lost love along the way
Don’t know night from day
Rolling along singing my song
Not too lonesome to
Write a poem in vain

Soul trains coming,
Looking for a ride
To follow my dream
Follow them along
My mind’s going for a ride tonight
The blues are on my soul tonight

Got to keep struggling, rolling along
A rolling stone gathers no moss,
Fight those blues
Trying to stay right

I’m a steady rolling woman
Rolling to the crossroads
Keeping time with my hand jive  
Making up my mind
Where I’m going this day in time

*  I wrote this song some time ago, way back in 2012, and somehow it never made its way here.  Of course it's for Robert Johnson. I own his complete collection and I love RJ. Everyone knows the story about how he went to the crossroads and the devil took his life. If not - look it up. Pretty fantastic stuff. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Foster Peace In a World of Abuse

Propagate hope, knowledge widens the scope,
Many see trickle down abuse encompassing earth
Come see, you know whom I mean!
They ~ the big they, you know who they are,
They will not give us back this glorious great land.
They fight for coin and silver.
Slowly we go to slaughter, 
Like pigs, goats and cows,
We kill ourselves in their sham.
Forced to pay more than our share of taxes
It’s only paper you know, 
No more gold in Fort Knox.

All the gold owned privately
They're in charge of our government
Symbols lurk every place you see
Small, insidious, devious concerns surround us, 
Controlled by society, daily news, 
TV, our jobs families, forget our conscience
Our desires prevent our seeing
Facebook and twitter rule you can’t see
Enough to spin your head, dizzy,

Can’t comprehend why Facebook
Warns you not to add more friends,
You can only add so many each night
Isn’t adding friends a boon to Facebook?
Every day it becomes more difficult
to understand the world I’m living in

They are not going to give our land back
If we don’t fight for our rights,
if we don’t take earth back from the usurpers
who have stolen our planet,
We can’t inherit the earth by common assent,
agree our land is not sold for gold,
this land is god’s gift,
is not ours to give or buy,
but to love and care for 
like we do our children …

This land is your land,
This land is my land
From California to the New York island;
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for You and Me.

Saturday, July 04, 2015


I’ve got the all kinds of bugs blues,
Got rid of bed bugs
Then fleas got a hold of me
Got all kinds of bug blues
Either way I lose

Insects invade my house like
Squatters who refuse to pay rent
Invade my space from all angles
Fruit flies fly into my eyes & ears,
Fly around my computer screen

Fear drives me, makes me see
Bedbugs aren’t the only parasites  
More afraid of how we live
Our entire lives invaded consistently
Sign petitions on the Internet
Fear instills me with those bedbug blues for sure

Stinkbugs threaten to enter,
Cling to my 16th floor window screen
Insects invade my heart & soul
Posttraumatic stress syndrome sets in
Obsessed by the insect kingdom
Imagined their numbers grew and grew
Because all the all kind of bug blues

Bemusing I clench my fist
Capture what first seems a Knat
Inspecting it in my palm and transfer to a bottle,
Can’t make heads or tails of it. Excuse the pun.

I visit the bug shop on the corner.
Give my sample to the shop’s proprietor
Ms. Young Lady declares she’s an expert,
In her eyes, definitely not bedbugs-

I breathe a sigh of relief
She affirms it’s a kind of mealy bug – whom eats food

I watch as stink bugs crawl through my window
Climb right in between the glass and screen
All the way up to the 16th floor
I wonder how they do it

Why do they pick me?
These Stinkbugs fly, buzz around my head
Help me get rid of them

Please explain, where do 
All these bugs are come from?

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

New song I wrote for Grandson, Oliver

Oliver loves this song and shakes his booty and claps when I sing.

Make Music

Going to dance with you all night tonight
Going to dance all night
Dance all night,
Dance in bright moonlight
Dance until the stars shine bright
Dance all night till the moon goes high
And the stars shine bright
Going to dance all night with you

Dance until sunset
Dance all night under shiny starlight
Going to dance with you till the sun shines bright
Dance and watch sunrise
Going to jam with you under starlight tonight baby
Dance like I’m in a trance

Dance the night away tonight baby
Dance the night away sweet night
Hear you whisper my name
Dance past midnight
Dance till night turns to sunlight
I want to dance the night away

Hold me tight in fading moonlight
Dance the night away with you
Dance beneath bright white stars
Dance the night away
Shine bright like a star
Dance night into day

I want to dance with you
Until dawn arrives
I want to dance with you
Until daylight arrive

I want to dance with you
Till the sun shines bright
You’ll hold me in your arms
Press my right hand to your heart
As we glide across the floor
Oh what a sight we’ll make

I want to dance with you in the pale moonlight
Dance all night tonight baby
I want to dance with you
Till the stars don’t shine
I want to dance with you
Till the sun shines bright

Dance with you all through the night

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ancestry and other B.S.

Son's DNA kicked this process off and got my curiosity heightened.

I recently had my son's DNA tested out of curiosity. I followed his belief that after he was tested, I'd know what my DNA was too. This was not the case. After Joey was tested, we read the results eagerly. The tests gives estimates and basically there is a leeway of 5 to 10 percent.

35% to 39% European Jew. Hey no surprise there right? This includes all regions found in Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia and Estonia.

8% Benin/Togo African which includes Ghana, Nigeria, and Mali. I figured that's got to be his father. Joey's dad is Dominican. 1% Senegal, the Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, and Guinea-Bissau are included here.

3% North African including Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Libya. Everyone I knew said, "Oh that's his Dad too.

Turns out he had about 10% Irish and English. Everyone thought that was me. I was like, no way - I'm not white like that.

A large 18% is Italian and Greece and 17% is Portugal and Spain.

3% from India.

Then there were traces of up to 3 percent each of Asia Central including Turkmenistan and Afghanistan DNA, 3% North American Indian DNA, plus Middle Eastern, formerly Persia, now known as Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Now for my surprises!

Turns out I have no West European, English or Irish DNA.

No surprise either since Joey has 2 parents and he was 39% European Jew then that I'm 76% European Jew right?

I am 12% Italian and Greek. Primarily located in: Italy, Greece

Also found in: France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Algeria, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo.

2% India DNA labeled Asia South and this includes India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Some 2 to 3 percent of Asia Central including those regions Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Also found in: Iran, & Pakistan.

Some 2 percent Iberian Peninsula. Hmm, always thought I had some Sephardic blood and there we go, now a fact.

The 2 percent Middle Eastern (no surprise here) is me and may include his Dad too.

The 1 or 2 percent North African is also me, including DNA from the regions Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Libya. I figure probably Jews I descended from were traveling Berbers there at some time.

Happy too that I was right that his Dominican Dad, Felix, was the one with the English and Irish DNA and that I knew right away I was the one who had South Asia DNA from India.

Yay! Now I know more about my history.

Did you know the Mormons will help you find out more about your ancestry for free. I plan to go once I'm up and around again.

Luckily for me, some of my father's people immigrated here from Eastern Europe in the 1890's having the foresight to see what was coming.

Other Upcoming News:

Now the partially bad news and good in another way. I am having hip replacement surgery at Columbia Presbyterian this coming Thursday, May 7th. I have been mostly disabled since ripping several ligaments and tendons from doing Pilates on the machine. I did 14 sessions between end of October 2014 and first week of January. Who knew Pilates could be so dangerous? Recently a friend told me she tried it and saw right away that you must have a very strong core and be strong to begin with to do Pilates.

At the New York Reforming Pilates center they encouraged me to do more and come more. I never realized the damage I was causing and thought the pain was caused by minor injuries like pulled muscles. By the time I realized the extent of the damage, it was too late and I could no longer walk. I continue to do the exercises taught to me in Physical Therapy but the right leg doesn't follow my brain's orders. You know how they say the leg's connected to the hip, but I never realized how much the hip controls the legs. At the Pilates center they make you sign a waiver too the minute you do anything there. I should have known better, but it also sounds like neglect on their part.

Most importantly, I ripped the Ligamentum Teres, which holds the hip joint in place. The Minimus Gluteus tendon also had partial tears as did many other things. The hip joint had some arthritis but 14 sessions of Pilates just did me in. I should have stuck with my yoga and when I am fully functionable again I will.
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