Monday, December 06, 2021

 God Bless


God Bless the day my mother was born

She birthed me to this life

God bless her cruelty taught me to survive 

God bless the day my father was born

God bless my sisters though they refused to love me

Contrived to deprive love

God bless the stories they told to justify their hate

God blessed me to survive rape and abuse

God blessed me to strive to revive

Bruises and blues of my soul

God bless the day I was born in March of 49

Been in overdrive, overactive sex drive

All the drivel of conniving men 

Who fooled me, jive as the shrine I’m in

God bless the universe

God bless the world

God bless the death of those passed

The births of those yet born

God bless my friends

God bless this virus that has killed so many and has so many more lives to take

God bless this planet where Covid 19 virus has thrived and survived 

because of all our wrongs and rights

God bless that humanity has survived

God bless the animals that survive this cruel world and God bless the ones who suffer cruelty and deprivation at the hands of those God has already chosen to bless

Blessed to be alive, to arrive to survive, 

Bless my grandfather and grandmother who foresaw the 2nd world war, 

Who came to this crazy country for freedom WE stood for

At least Jews were not put in ovens over here

If not for them I would have never been born 

Bless the Jewish race from which I was born 

God Bless Native Americans, newcomers took their land, abused & misused them 

Bought slaves all the way from Africa to work for free 

Rich pay no taxes

Money calls to money

Entitlement’s here to stay, they have their say – they get their way plus don’t have to pay their way

We pay their way

Money only cares for more money 

money doesn’t care about the suffering it causes

National genocide for Native Americans was irrational, ok for monied folk

They seek to divide to keep themselves in charge with all the money

Men seek control, domination – hurt innocent beings 

Dominated by greed, Money can’t control the weather 

Can it ever be different?

I hope for more

God Bless humanity’s fate! 

Have faith in our youth is all I can say, let’s pray.

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