Friday, February 28, 2014

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow -

My latest practice.  And of course it stands to reason my best recording was the one lost - where I thought I pressed the record button and didn't.

My music teacher, Wren Harringon, lost her father on her recent emergency trip home, so a short trip turned longer and I am not afforded her expertise. Wren looked hard to find this Karaoke version for me to practice. I looked and found different styles and tempos but not this one. The light voiceover is meant to use as a prompt and with my ADD I do need prompts.

I want to record this singing along with it to correct the current issues. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm going to be a grandma

Some people have already begun to call me grandma Violet.

I am very excited. Baby's to be born the end of April or perhaps beginning of May.

I bought the proud parents a stroller and this is the poem I put in the card.

Poem For Aliya & Joey

Dear Baby Boy

Baby’s almost here
Your child forever - to hold dear
His birth date close to our hearts
Family and friends celebrate
Watching us gather together in love
He awaits his fate to join our world
Son soon to bask in adoration
Leaving the wombs safe vibrations
After a long sleepy gestation
Finally meets his family of creation

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Deny Death

Who will care when you’re no longer here?
When you’re not around
Who will miss the sound of your voice?
Who will miss the words let loose from your lips?
Will anyone claim to miss my words
Will anyone say, “I didn’t care for her
But her words evoke feelings I didn’t realize were there.”
Will someone care you’re not there?
Who will miss your fair face, blue eyes, and thinning hair?

Who will care when you’re no longer here 
Who remaining behind will tear their hair,
Who will cut their hair to mourn my spirit
Hoping for square deals, praying life is more than bones,
Blood warms, veins running through life’s crosshairs
Submit, omit, in charge none subsist. Ageist cloud co-exists, gray doubt settles near

Who will care when you’re no longer here?
When you die who will care, desolate discontent, wander
Who will care your power exceeds mine

Santa Maria, High Priestess of Soul spoke, “Who will miss you when you’ve not here? …
When I die,” She boasted, “people will mourn my spiritual powers. Unlike you, I have many followers, you see?”
Unimpressed, hurt by words undo and rescue me since birth,
I ponder her claim to followers and my lack of them.
My words require breath of invigorating air recalls escaping words
Follow the words you can’t see, can’t hear song they daren’t breathe?
Dig it! What if they tax the air we breathe, claim it’s ok cause there’s a shortage of breathable air.
What will they think of next?

Do you really care if anyone here remembers your words become … prayers
Do you struggle with each word like a long lost lover you ache for final touch
Do you really care if people plough through, don’t remember nor feel you’re no longer here?
Unhealed by moonlight, like lost stars dissolved, exploded, imploded
Time passes, no one reads your words, remembers you were words …
They don’t recall Santa Maria either. Pretenses abound people worship an empty ideal
Who will remember?
Who will delight in memories revived by a sip of moonlight glow
Memories know, slowly fade … die
Attempts to forget fail, why’s be gone
Why we harbor death while we’re still alive

Sunday, February 16, 2014

You're No Good Baby

I just wrote this and I hear the song in my head each line from an old song to be sung exactly the way it was sung back in the day.

Baby you’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good,
Baby you’re no good
You snore like a wild boar sleeping winter away
Eyes wide open you pretend you’re awake
Dirty little secrets tucked away
Hide behind waves of nausea
Send me off the deep end
While you snore the winter away
Night and day night and day never awake
You snore day and night away
Pretending you’re alive while I live the dream
Dream a little dream for me
You insist to break my heart snore
Away your life in a misty gleeful mess
Liking life on the edge
The very thought of you makes me cringe
Life on the edge while searching for a way to hedge climbing the ledge to a new nice ice way while climatic shards whip my heart into shape
The very thought of you
Brings me to the edge
Breaking up is hard to do

Ah, Ah Ah, Ah Yeah yeah
Yiyaye hehahay, Ah ah

My heart fakes desire like a wind up car
Eat my cake and like it too
Cause breaking up is hard to do
You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good
Baby you’re no good
My breaking heart and I agree we were never meant to
You hide behind walls of deceit, pretend you’re awake when you’re barely alive
I cry, “Baby please, please hear my pleas! Baby please!”
Too smart for our own goods, we waver endlessly to the beat set before us,
You hide, we glide on angel’s wings
Each day obsessing over beginning, find a new way to start each day

The very thought of you   (fade out)