Wednesday, July 13, 2016


From one day to the next, week to week
Nothing changes much
Everyone’s out of touch
Hoard our pennies
Cat sidles up, rubs against my legs
Throws herself on the floor, begs
Paws raised, belly open, submissive to her fate
Suddenly on her feet, ready
To attack Magick cat
I can’t figure out why Cleo’s
So mean to Magick
Boils down to animal instincts I guess
We cannot help but be who we are
Cleo puts on a show
All about the importance we attribute
To behavior that gives it importance
Gives powers, molds us into
Who we want to be, how we see
Everything on our planet evolves
From how we humans attribute importance
Like a rule we live by
I should have been dead if not
For protection spells a fairy put over me
I lived in a private hell
Lost on the edge of a consonant
I meander through verbs and adverbs
Synonyms, antonyms and homonyms
I’m the master of
A fucking weird word disaster
My world’s spinning faster
I’m not a Christian, I’m a Jew
Through and through
No holds barred
Jesus is my brethren, my brother
From a Jewish mother and father
Jesus is the original Christian
Like you, me too
Buddhists told me reflect on death daily
So I won’t fear it
Really I said, “Is that so, will that work?”
At six I obsessed about death,
Couldn’t imagine that one day
I’ll not be here
Continued reflecting in my teens
Longing for success, I digress,
I confess, my life’s a mess
My restlessness came to possess me
Tried to access the truth
For days I roamed the desert
Of my mind
And still couldn’t find the
Answer to my despair
Came to the conclusion
Life’s not fair,
No one cares
Jealous of my flair
I dare to emerge
Can’t merge into someone else’s shoes
Submerged & locked in a smoke laden room
Sunk in a funk in godforsaken mess
I’ll pack my bags to see where it takes me
Slice a sapphire in half and
Become part of the trinity