Thursday, September 03, 2015

I Think I’ve Gone Crazy, Don’t Tell Anyone

The old tell the young
Don’t leave the store unminded
I’ve gone a step further 
Left the store of my mind unminded
My unminded mind is a travesty beyond words
Licorice on my fingertips makes me
Feel like a psychopath
Waiting on a Sabbath never comes
My unminded mind gasps for breath
Resuscitates and recreates words
Paints edible pictures to make you
Get your second wind in my breath
Make you open your liliaceous lips to
Hungrily absorb my sentiments,
Your temperament
Feels my words cry
You see & feel your loneliness
Like you thought you never felt it before
The helpless ones, the children and the hunger
Desires awaken, I’m a word monger
Forget your Oreo cookies and ice cream
Desires die tomorrow along with the wind
They didn’t mind the store of their mind either
I’m not alone in not minding
Unsolicited freedom rings in some country far away
My mind leaves behind
Stores energy of its kind trying to find out & unwind
Another way in or another way out
Of this rabbit maze my world whirls
Whirlpool faze with sheeps in wolf’s clothing
A different design
The I and I goes way 
Beyond the words we know

copyright 2008