Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Post Election Blues ~ Love and Election, Night & Day

My love for him lives in little unreachable spots
Along with reality
My son’s eyes shine like his
Too late forced to let go of a lifeline
Of yes and no
Black and white
Cause and effect
The flow goes where it will
Time spears existential

I only saw his eyes
Mesmerized me
His life authorized me
Couldn’t see the sky
Didn’t realize
Nor analyze
The color of my hair
Eyes constant
They see what they think they see
What they want to see
How they want time to proceed

It’s the whole package
Entire gestalt – height, weight, hairstyle - length
Eyes know eyes or we think when we stare in someone’s eyes
Swear we know what we see
We know what we sow
We almost know where it goes

We know or think we know
Boudreau to Bordeaux wine map
Sanctity - Humanity
Only way to understand
Move ahead – my own private heaven

Hard to feel good in our political world
Affects me whether I pretend to care or not
Unable to move ahead
Live in fear need to survive the
Stuck here for 4 more years

Did you hear about the Buddhist Monks who pretended to have a sanctuary for lions & instead bred them for parts to make medicines?

My own private hell ...

How can we live in peace?
How can we force those in charge to care for our planet
Humanity is scary when people in power don’t value Earth’s health
Though we require it for survival
Anxious terrified
I tell you

This is a love poem turned political
Because I can’t shut it out of my mind
On the brink of disaster, predict war, famine
Flooding ~ Now understand why the end of days is coming
Man destroyed by greed
Wars provide great economic growth
Biggest trick in the book is to make war

Standing Rock Nation’s access to water threatened
God, please help us in our suffering
Until combined we are strong
Winter has been coming for a long time
Now you know it’s finally here
We must work survive together
Think love ~ breathe love ~

Somehow ~ we must survive