Thursday, August 20, 2020





Lying peacefully on my bed, 

         In his bed which is atop of mine

Lay Davie, my Peterbald Sphinx

         Buried beneath his blankets

                  Davie suddenly perked up,

threw this blanket off, 

         put his head up and kept it up, 

                   totally mesmerized 

         watching Michelle on TV

Listened to her entire speech,

Never resting his head down


Acts like he magically 

understands how important it all is. 


Isn’t that amazing? Davie, my cat,

Mesmerized by Michelle on TV

something in her manner, her tone 

Stylized speech, 

Beseeching America to be better, 

her voice, pleading with America


“BE Better America,” she pleads with us, loud and clear

Somehow, Davie, my cat, understands her 

Her tone, determination, her pleas 

Trying to help us understand 

Divisiveness increases pain and suffering

Not helped by clear acceptance of Racism 

Attacking our citizens peacefully protesting 

Failing to protect our most vulnerable citizens

Destroying access to clean water for money

Ignoring our country’s constitution to protect interests of big money


Michelle Obama demands America stand up 

Show the world who we are 

Show with our vote, our turn out,

Turn out even if you have to bring a blanket, food, 

Even if you have to spend the night too. 

Do it to ignite flames for justice and compassion

In our leadership

Please America, Leave chaos at the door


Michele’s voice captured David. She captured me too. 

CNN says of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s speech, “…an appeal aimed at the heart and conscience of every American who has watched the chaos of the last four years and yearned to make things right.”


Our moral tale of woe.

Stand up Americans, 

Show us your voices like you did in recent marches through the streets

Stand up American and show us who you want us to be


America showed who she was when innocent protesters were abused 

Shot with rubber bullets, gassed in our streets

I thank and praise all the people who stood up in America’s streets, and streets everywhere else too, 

Please America, I beg you too, 

Even though I’m not Michelle Obama and never could be in her shoes, 

I stand with Michelle and beg you too

            – Stand up and be counted, 


Show ourselves and the world who America really is

I’m begging you, please


PLEASE                                            PLEASE                                            PLEASE


Come one come all, 

Let’ be the solution to the pollution, heal division, stop the degradation of our great nation and all its peoples, our principles, our people, who require compassion to survive, not division.



Forgive me for not knowing if this is a rant or a poem.


Thursday, August 06, 2020





I’m quarantined 

Learning to love my aloneness 

Not concerning ceremonious womanliness, 

Maintain a harmonious

Fighting to survive intolerance, tight feistiness of ruin, 

from wealthy brothers and sisters. 

The poor give more than wealthy do

usually more generous of spirit 

poor pay higher taxes

Trumped by a white house orange debacle 

Citizens dying from streptococcal

symptoms - live in mass pandemonium 

people blind like they’re on opium

sanctimonious created fraudulent-ness

intolerantness speaks loudly, devoutly, profoundly evil

worldly unrest and upheaval 

quarantine inside my abode 

carry a heavy load

my body bowed

inability to unload

keep a heavy workload

dreading the next episode

of color code, religious code, computer codes

hate showed – 

snowed in about to implode

lifestyles eroding with each new foreboding 

will we ever overcome

see what we can become

if to love and tolerance we succumb

Solve Problem:  make humanity less dumb

Embrace love and tolerance 

Together, overcome 

Stop being overrun

beat my drum till that day comes

pray to raise awareness that love is everywhere

Love is everywhere