Saturday, August 09, 2008

My Peeps

Yesterday we went for a walk and ended spending time in Indian Road Cafe with our friends, the crew from Augustus Publishing. Later while chilling, other people dropped by and sat with us. Vanessa Martir (she wrote Woman's Cry) was there and so was J. Will Teez dropped by and talked about his party on Sunday. There was a gal who does marketing and another guy who does movie editing for Universal Films.
DubbleX and I had our usual carafe of red wine. It was good fun all around until Anthony said he hated my new poem about the uterus and he really wasn't down with that. Will jumped in and said he's down with uteruses because his daughter has one and so does his mother so I should send the poem to him.
Eventually I agreed that most men don't like to talk about such things and that it's a mistake to give them poems of this sort unless they're down with it like Will is!
Vanessa was great fun and knows a lot of ropes and how to pull them right and started giving me personal instructions. I'm always down to learn more...