Friday, July 07, 2017

Freedom Rings Righteously

Make your own reality
Make it more than fealty
Give you your guarantee
You have my loyality
It’s ok, we’re not royality
Anyone can be an appointee for all it’s value
Be absentee for all its worth
Stand there and set yourself free
We all want to be free too
See the world
How many feel free, are free because we want to be free
How can we be free?
Do we leave society …
Follow the whoremongers, degenerates and warmongers running society
If you set yourself free and I can be me and you can be who you want to be as long as it’s safe
Don’t want to go up against the law, stay within the law, be free inside of me ~
free to be the best me I can be
I want world’s reality to be better than ever
This song is a prayer to make our world better

May the lord above and spirits guide us to heal, be righteous with ourselves and others, order ourselves never to presuppose – truth is different to each of us
I hear if I want to be free I can be but is it reality
Do we each make our reality as advertised

Life makes reality daily
Is reality chance or choice?
Who has the answer? …
Thoughts in my head run rampant with fever.
We’re featured on life’s marquis
Worried I won’t get to see the Ganges
I’m the new queen bee of poetry
Every day create new reality
Live to create
Leave the Dead Sea behind
Live each day a new day to create carefree whims
If you want to live free, live free
Free yourself be yourself we’ll live together free in a new land we create in the valley of our dreams