Saturday, November 10, 2018

Noise In My Head

Play my heartstrings like a violin 
Sweet and bitter like a mandolin
Up and down the scale to my chagrin
Left with no more turns, try to find a way in
Your face in a stuporous grin
Walls of my heart broken down like walls of West Berlin
No answers, like holding me together with a body pin
Your pain tattooed on my heart like my car’s Vin
Feelings strewn in a bin, you complain 
About selling your brand new Schwinn
Feel like a fish caught in net, 
Alive while getting her fins skinned
Wouldn’t feel so much pain if my heart 
Wasn’t previously scarred by kin
Almost disappear, your thoughts and mind grow thin
Along with your body flesh
Made of flesh and blood, not of tin
Suffer with words create a fierce din 
My heads in a spin from all the noise
Desire a way to create a win
Search for what may have been
While time eludes us, realize 
I’m older to begin

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