Thursday, March 03, 2011

new bathroom ensues with issues

I like this combo, the blue glass floor tiles, they're 12 " X 12 " - each square glass is 1" X 1" and they are mounted on mesh. The box has special installation instructions. I found these at Home Depot for $8.97 apiece. They sure are pretty and this would make a pretty floor. Its name is Blue Lagoon by Daltile.

These blue ceramic tiles look nice for the wall - it's not the cheapest I could go but not the most expensive either, kind of a compromise between the two. I'd go with the large flat tiles in the middle below for the shower area and the rest of the walls will go halfway up with this same flat light blue below.

Then for the upper part of the wall to the ceiling I want to use the blue center ones like in the photo below. These tiles also come in 8 " X 24 " strips mounted on mesh too. These are not flat and come come up on each corner, nicely shaped. 

And then that pretty blue glass floor...

Whaddaya think?