Monday, September 21, 2020




My heart hits the sky for a wonderful guy 

Want to live in my dream

Let off steam, ride that moonbeam

Watch my love while we watch stars who strive to extreme, 

Love trees feed on earth and water

Feel like lamb to slaughter

New world’s just begun under one sun

Redwood forest, lakes, rivers run

No babe, I no have no fun

Weak knees pervade, 

transcend dreams glide

I’m along for the ride

Economy, parsimony,

Slide into fear of this and that

World where dictators rule

my land and that land make the

world what is has become 

not a race to create except this situation demands 

My life cut in two, can’t figure out where to go or what to do

Pray from far away - pray for ourselves, pray for me, pray for you too, 

Will prayers help or is it an illusion to feed my ego?

Search for hope, only nightmares come

Despots worldwide care only about money, 

honey, listen; root of all evil

Sell they soul to the devil - to the devil they do

And all around us, who paid suffer 

for the devil, they pay, to do us this misery

Everywhere on earth suffer this malady.

Download synergy to keep up my energy

Synapses flicker, slicker than an unsolved nightmare

Behind a hidden door, no splitting hairs

Born to be me, you’re born to be you

None of us born free

So unwell, hurts to be me

Wish you could see how it feels to me

Wish you could be me, feel me the way I feel you

We all desire prosperity, fame, acclaim, money

Mostly to survive and thrive

speak truth in poetry, fascism far and widespread

Money don’t mean joy, sorry to say

Like rivers run to their source

Blood runs cold, not yet, my lord, not time to fold

Times running out, getting old, need others to carry on

Carry on, work for free; try to help humanity

Make our earth the sanctity, earths meant to be

Hallelujah for you, hallelujah for me if only we 

can build something to hope for,

we want to live our dream, just once before we leave

Please, Please, Please


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