Friday, March 27, 2020


I am Jewish, I am Woman,
I am Muslim, I am Buddhist
Call me names, call me whore,
pussy, kike, sand-nigger, 
call me what you like,
Psyche – I recall Third Reich

Name-calling, hate all about the money, honey
Don’t want to believe in sunny money
It’s bloody Sunday with money
Turn people against one another
Smarter people see – better believe
Keep us with our stupid little asses 
Dealing with petty shit

All about the money – money –
Rich don’t pay taxes
You and I support them 
With our puny little money

It’s all about the money honey
No reprieve, better believe
Rich not aggrieved, we pay more than they do
They like it like that

Make things perfect, we need another war, 
One more Vietnam – Trump’s a perfect mentor
not smart but listens-even though he doesn’t understand more
Trump listens, says what he’s told to say
Do things the money way
Before we all disappear, become who we no longer are,
like Handmaidens in Atwood’s novel
Or Station Eleven in Mandel's world,
Then it will be too late
It will be who we are – when freedom’s gone

It’s all about the money 
Money creates military
No sense being a pacifist since WWII
Recall how that got us here
Didn’t win us any points there either if you recall
Hate Jews more ‘n Blacks now
Jews on the Death Tax, It’s a fact
Take it up the ass
People at the bottom
Have nothing to show, 
Nowhere to go

Things done the money way
It’s heyday for the rich folk
People worked to the bone before they croak
The world we all know up in smoke
No taxes for multi-billionaire corporations 
Middle-class disintegration
A shakedown of global proportions

Desperation and confusion 
Our relation to better-off folk
It’s all about the money, honey
Prejudice has real results
Intensified by lack of trickle-down, 
Nothing left to lose
Live in Shantytown, USA

All about the military created by money, honey
Government Globally – controlled by Money, Honey

This is the world today, Honey
It’s all about the Money, Honey

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