Saturday, September 15, 2012

Got to go sometime...

Death hits on the fritz, at my wit’s end,
Same way we’re birthed same way death bangs on the door
In a fleeting solitary moment gone in a blitz
A spin on humanity why we enjoy comedy folklore
Right next door, death knocked on the door
I hear the wife’s wails late that night way past midnight
I let myself in and sat for a while, the police were still there
He lay down after dinner, about 5 p.m., said he needed a nap
And in a snap he was gone gone, gone! Gone baby gone
Early that same morning I heard him vacuuming as I
watched the sun rise against a pink damask sky
No choice when death comes uninvited banging down our door
Write or wrong we’re in this together son
I’m my brother’s keeper but not for long
I see his son Luis is despondent
I say, “I’m sorry for your loss Luis."
He responds, “My father did all that he could to stay healthy,
He kept a good routine, ate breakfast at 5 a.m
went to the Big Gym everyday to lift weights at 6 a.m.,
Everyday he ate dinner at 4 p.m., good healthy food too,
rice and beans, aguacate and Mama made him steak everyday
all that he did and what good did it do him, he’s still dead
all that hard work for nothing.”
Luis has learned a new lesson
A sudden burst of knowledge
Death stalks us all
If you believe in an afterlife or not
I’ll come see you at 3 a.m. night after next
Stomp 3 times and you’ll smell me
There at your side ready at the crack of a whip
Bam your time’s up now son ready or not
There you go and the people who love us are left behind wailing
Wailing for those who left us behind
Wailing for those who left us behind
Death hits the spot, ready or not.

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