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Please hep me somebody... hep me please - please - please

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it was amazing
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I like to read poetic, witty and unsettling work make to make me consider who I am and where I stand in the lives of people who know me or are close to me. I've read several of Tyler's books and always want to consume more. Her words and the way they flow in "Ladder of Years," feeds my desire to know - to know why I am the am that I am - to know the how I betray this I am - and how to consider changing the I of who I am. We can be another I, not the I that we know and are familiar with.
With each day we live - every choice - no matter how meaningless each choice seems, makes a difference in the next step we take. Literally, like children, we create and recreate ourselves every day in different ways and that is what Tyler's emphasis is on her portrayal with Delia.

I read because I want to know. I want to know what other writers write and how they think. I want to be me expressing who I am by my writing. Reading other writers make me a better writer. I read 75 percent of what I read to enjoy myself. The other 25 percent is to learn various things I want to learn and need to read to learn.

This book exemplifies how much of ourselves we hide, just like Delia. We ignore the things we want to say. We try to avoid hurting others or changing too much so we can stay where we are. And just sometimes, we feel a glimmer of hope and we take that first step to seeing and exploring ourselves. It brings me great pleasure and glee to watch Delia do all the things I want to do. I want to just up and leave my life and start over, just like Delia.

Strangely enough this review reminds me of the movie I just watched at iTunes, "Bird" directed by Charlie Parker. The movie and the book both gave me thoughts for food. I know it's supposed to be food for thought, yet for me, it is thoughts for food because the food is in the meat of the novel or movie. 


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