Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good morning sunshine

Good morning sunshine
Today you look so fine
Look like you’re dressed to the nines
Good morning sunshine
I wish I could sing like Patsy Cline
Instead of like my tiny feline

Today I’m feeling turquoise, not quite blue because 
I’ve got some sunshine inside these cloudy dulls. 
I’m a scorcher flower who can bear the heat and not wilt today
Feeling turquoise, not quite blue, 
Kinda midway between a rose and a brunette 
Rose to face the glory of a new day, a day spiced with rosebuds, 
My little cinnamon boy, not a toy
Does the bluebird spell Rheingold – ill fit, sit a while, file me away – my mind strays
Like a stray branch on a tree, a lone bluebird sits alone, barking up the wrong tree, 
I see he jes can’t stop himself from falling in a heap under the magnolia tree

Because something got a hold a me I know it must be love
Good morning sunshine
My sweet bliss divine
Living on the incline
Thrown together on a lifeline

*Sunshine on a cloudy day – when it’s cold outside I want the month of may
I guess you’d say what can make me feel this way, My guy – my guy talking about my guy

Good morning sunshine
Today I don’t need any wine
To make me feel Dr. FeelGood
The sun is shining 
I’m a scorcher flower  
I won’t wilt today

Think it’s gonna rain today, sky a cloudy silver gray
Rain the same under these silver gray skies
Turquoise, feeling a yellow shade of blue
Sunshine peeking through my blinds
Good morning sunshine
Living on the sweet side 


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