Thursday, September 19, 2013

Searching For Sunshine

Ain’t no sun up in my sky today
Rain keeps falling on my head
Got the blues so bad I’m dancing with fire
in hellish nights with no end
Promises and dreams not in sight
No delight in life
a bout inside, an an endless fight
in a world where nothing’s right

No sun up in my sky, too down to cry
waiting on motivation that can't come
Dream daily
Lying awake waiting for my lover to come on home
Frustration growing
waiting on lover makes me quirky that way

Comes sneaking through the bedroom 
door in the dead of night
Bed bathed in moonlight
Soft red hair brushes my shoulder
Our promises of together forever have grown older
Each day colder

As she lies down beside me
My eyes closed, pretend I’m asleep
Awake to an empty bed
Gone, left
With words unsaid

Sadness never ends
Never thought we’d end that way
Rain taps on windowpane
Listen in solitary solace
Left me on a rainy day

Called later, said she had to go,
Had someone waiting on her
Someone easier to abide, 
Someone to turn the tides
Someone to resolve dissatisfaction
Permeating our relations
Someone older, more mature

Someone sensitive who knew
how to make love
Someone who understood
Standing in the rain, alone

Clothes drenched through to skin
Each day hope rain will go away
tears blending with rain
sun’s gone away
rains refuse to abate

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