Friday, February 08, 2013

Volunteer at CAAC (Center For Animal Care And Control)

 Got Milk deserved a home but no one wanted her.
 Above is Got Milk. A life lost.

Cats are a part of my life. Recently I decided I would volunteer at NYC Center for Animal Care and Control to take babies in, since I'm always doing this anyway. It turned into a nightmare. When I took home the 3 infants, their entire back legs were covered in encrusted fecal matter and they had very bad diarrhea. This was pretty disgusting and took a lot of effort to clean. The poor weak things cried pathetically during a thorough bathing that was a kind of long process trying to remove and wash fur encrusted fecal matter that had probably been on them since their birth. Keeping them clean was extremely difficult since they all had consistent diarrhea. In spite of this the babies still put on quite a bit of weight during that time.  but were still only about one pound each, all with big tummies.

I had asked if they’d been dewormed when I agreed to take them but later learned this was untrue. I took them back for shots but they refused because they said “the vet had no time.” I think they didn’t want to make the investment of the shot. Later one young man who adopted one baby took his baby to the vet. The vet called the CACC not wanting to replicate what had already been done. Surprise, surprise, no papers could be found!

The deal was I was supposed to keep them until the afternoon before I left for my vacation on July 8th, only 12 days more to help the babies. One of the babies I named Got Milk because I had to bottle feed her and she was so hungry plus she always a white spot on top of her mouth.

After I cleaned away all the shit, hiding beneath the shit was ringworm. I dipped them all iodine. I couldn't cancel my vacation, since my fare alone had cost over $1000. I found two people to adopt, which meant I had to return the unadopted one to the CACC. The lady who had promised to adopt Got Milk, the beautiful very hungry kitty changed her mind when I told her I had treated them for fleas and ringworm.  Poor Got Milk had to go back to the CACC.

When I returned Got Milk, they tried to keep me speaking low and said they didn’t want anyone around to know. They said they'd put her down because of their lack of resources. Poor Got Milk had to go.

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