Friday, February 08, 2013

I know it I know it I know it

It’s ok guys I’m putting it away
In and out like the wind my tongue flickers through words faster than my brain can process them, jumping ahead leaping over boulders 
my words transcend become one
Eat crow again and again to no end to the viciousness of innocent crimes committed time and again daily 
idly imbibing sand fills my mouth escalating escape envisions fantasy visions bleep counting sheep once more it ends begins no end time begins ends
Tomorrow is mother’s day I get my way automatically it is whatever I say it is - honor my motherhood day
I know it I know it I know it
I can show you how to do it,
I know it
Listen to the words the beat shows I know it
Reverberations dance in my eyes and visions hide
no one but me can see

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