Monday, January 07, 2013

Spill the Beans, A Drug Dealer Poem

Scat it verbally
Rift through a blind alley
I stumble through a valley of words
I am not forsaken
I do not deny the allegations swimming in my head
My tone-deaf ears betray my frustration as I try to work through them
Deny the valley of death, I stumble ahead
A new gestation of wandering words joins the tribe
wondering where to go before I die
I digest the contents
Of a symphony, words define my lust
betrays and defines my trust
Ignore the shallow depths, I forge ahead.
Follow a new design
Wallow in just and fine deserts,
dust my mind free of desert sand
Trust in salvation
Like a fruit fly,
I follow light breathlessly without focus
jealousy becomes wounds inside out
from way back in the day,
Lucky to have survived till today.
So many chances and choices - should’ve beens and could’ve beens
never evolving to more than a memory of a dream
Live to survive
Reminisce on what could’ve been; still not dead
An angel stands between me and death
Consumed by an urge for vanilla fudge ice cream
Trapped in the midst of a drug heist
I live to tell how the story went down that night
My son asleep in his bed by the window
they climbed down the fire escape from the roof to enter his room
Stoned cold criminals, killers seeking drugs we survive to tell the allegory.
Our son slept beneath an open window the moon gazing in
My husband went to the window, screamed
Grabbed our son from our one bedroom flat where he rested on his mat
on the floor and handed our son to the retired old couple from Spain next door
took our son from Felix’s arms.
Later they watched Felix through their peephole.
He held a wooden kitchen chair by its leg and went in the hallway, swinging it.
Cowardly and afraid, the criminals ran away.
My husband took my baby son to my sister’s that night
Caught between enemies on all sides, the law and so-called friends are enemies
No one on my side, and me a mother, woes multiply
The world reversed her orbit tonight I swore it was over
One way or another I had to start another life - survive
Wounds of a life lived so hard there’s no escape
I take root in another fight to be won delight in moonlight
A miracle to survive a story to be told
Yes, I had someone to be and someplace to go go go go go

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