Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peace be upon you

I think of what could be if my sisters, me,
And my brothers were really tight
All the hate dissipated to make the world right
Choose to see with different sight
Please beg for peace, no more fights
Emit brain signals
Send the waves out of mind
Soon will be out of time
Like legions of artists behind
My voice treads on their graves
Pays tribute to wishes for peace
Vibration moves inside lives changed a joint trance
Formulations for peace, throw out illusion
Breathe, eat and sing peace
moves through my hair in my eyes
Feast on peace
Visions move no skin tones, colors
no place alone
peace oceans and sand
breathe peace explore peace
Barish, Béke, Damai, Friður, La Paz, Iri'ni, Laule‘a,
Nanna Ayya, Pingan,
Pokój, Rahu, Shalom, Salaam Alaikum,
Shîte, Wolakota, Udo, Assalmu Alaikum,
Emit the pulse, Om shanti
Om Mani Padme Hum
Peace be upon you
Peace radiating out into the universe


*Peace in several languages:

Barish, Turkish
Béke, Hungarian
Damai, Indonesian
Friður, Icelandic
Iri'ni, Greek
La Paz, Spanish
Nanna Ayya Chickasaw
Laule‘a  Hawaiian -Peaceful, happy
Pingan, Chinese
Pokój , Polish, Slovak
Rahu, Estonian
Shîte, Tibetan
Udo, Igbo
Wolakota, Lakhota

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