Saturday, December 10, 2011

I will overcome some day

I sing misty blue for you today
Misty blue just for you today Daddy
Sing misty for you every day
Waiting to hear you say
You’re coming on home today
My life’s on hold – my mind strays
I see you in my mind’s eye drinking that Bombay Gin
Sitting alone in a Starbuck’s café
Knowing life plays me like a Violin
But I can’t stop myself from hoping there could be a better way
Please tell me you’ll always love me Daddy
The way you know that I love you
So please come on home to stay
My soul has turned misty like the weather before the storm
While it keeps playing the same old song
Play it in reverse today and tomorrow
Let me coerce you to come on home
Let your worries disperse
Things can’t get much worse
So come on home baby
We’re going to jam the night away and 
play new music all day today Daddy
until the moon wanes in the sky and 
the sun shines again today
Someday I will overcome all obstacles put in my way


  1. Lovely and touching.

  2. Make me sad....
    Allow me to copy and post in my blog your name

    Thank you

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I like your poem very much...made me think of something in my life. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Anonymous3:55 AM


    tears in my eyes
    brought on by my staring
    at a mostly empty computer screen
    lines of verse should not be overly short is what I once read and now
    that is beginning to make sense
    a screen long on lines of verse
    will be shorter of tear-jerking light
    and possibly more eco-friendly as well
    if indeed a screen's diminished output of photons
    should make the expected difference in energy-expenditure
    do not (for the environment's sake)
    print this out but read these lines on screen
    (there may be tears in your eyes while you read
    for reasons other than light-intensity)
    (printers are noisy as well as energy-consuming
    and I'm not even mentioning paper in terms
    of Gaia's dessicated lung tissue)
    dry your tears and blink to me only
    with thine eyes and oh
    I set out to write some lines to carry
    my wishes for a HNY
    (Happy New Year!)

    -Levi Wagenmaker

  5. This is beautiful! It surely is touching. :)

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  7. Anonymous5:34 AM

    So beautifully put together, thanks for the read !

  8. Wow, quite beautiful!

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