Monday, November 01, 2010

Silver Spans the Sky

The earth so loved the sky she
opened her pregnant desire to him
and gave him her verdant green life to create a new day
The moon turned vibrant florescent
blue and the sky a flaming fuschia
My heart’s been aching
Jes sitting here hurting waiting on
you to come on home to me

I feel like rain inside silver stains the sky
Sitting here all alone a misery
Drying raindrops falling from my eyes
everyday is a just a new goodbye
hard to find a good guy
the weather is heavy like the storm
in my head waiting release praying

The strain of the rainstorm pulsates in my head
Imitating that storm about to explode
The light turned bright red
Feigned delight while waiting on green
That rain is sure to let go 
constrained by rain thunder claps in my brain the rain maintains
A steady downpour in my heart

If it weren’t for the sound of silence rain brings in its wake
I’d go insane waiting for rain
For the few who listen sounds of silence run deeper
than an underground well of experience
spreading tense suspense
It feels like rain relieves the pain I rein
in the mundane world around me
Like the desert needing rain I wait
For the downpour a steady rising in the sun
A false start a heady heart a steady downpour in my heart

Like rain I’ve never been smart in charting my course
Let me explain I try to refrain try to abstain
but it happens again and again
Like rain washes the dirt away, the pain lessens when I
eat dessert flirt with a new day
I revert to before the steady downpour of rain inside my heart
It feels like rain again today waiting for me take control
over a new domain in the fast lane
like a desert waiting for rain
I can’t complain I can’t contain the rain
inside my head it’s like a hurricane

Maybe the Dexedrine will dissolve the hurricane
A deluxe downpour of rain restrains my brain
A campaign takes hold for the rain to cease
along with my pain in my heart
Mozart the push cart prize to see the sun rise another day
Oh baby it feels like rain again today no
matter how hard I soothsay
It feels like rain today my life’s not in vain
A downpour of rain streams steadily in my heart
I sit and cry wonder how and why
the past has disappeared so fast

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  1. comment did not post so i write again to say, that your poetry is like the artist that paints abstract and thinking as she goes along, it transforms into something different in the end.
    Beautiful poetry and a very nice blog...