Friday, November 05, 2010

jewelry poetry

hand crafts - magical things one can do with no training
with luck you can learn
you can even buy a book on how to do or just sit and play
whatever takes your fancy
my latest poetry jewelry
faceted authentic amethyst beads mixed with a few classy glass beads
the center bead is blue glass. The clasp is silver.
The colorful glass bead interspersed has mixed blue turquoise pink purple & white color swirls
authentic crystal beads border all other beads to set them off
on blue beading string


Then to divert and distract me from my tasks meet little kitty poetry guy - sweet potato Davie

Isn't he adorable ...

more crafts to distract me - a few of the dread caps I've made

a water color
An ink drawing on a large mailer
and a drawing with blue magic marker
distractions abound with opportunities ...

If you have children and want to introduce them to poetry created especially for them - check out the best poetry books for kids here.


  1. Nice drawings Joy...can see you put quite some effort and they're well done too!

  2. hi, those are really amazing. I love your works. Wish you loads of courage, success and joy.. The poem is really nice too.

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  3. I love the bracelets! I'd love to learn how to make them, but I don't know if I'd even have the time! For the time being though, I can admire yours.

  4. dood, yoo is so kreative!

    my jannie gonna maek YOO a sidebar buttin next!

    wit loves from me, Blue Bunny, hoo has a nise hat liek yoo maeks. i am shur you seen me ovir at my jannie's in it?

    more loves,



    and i haz a grate ideea -- i wil change up my gravatir picshur to my hat i jist telled yoo about. yess, i wil do that and be happee evin more than i am alreddy in the universs.

    more oxoxo

    p.s i see yor "sekrit" deeorderint on your dessir. that is my jannies brand too. she not too stinky now.

    more oxoxo

  5. hay -- heer i iz wit that hat now, deerist joy.

    and my jannie maeked yoo a sidebar buttin wich is up now.