Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So Very Proud Again ...

Proud to announce again:

Now only am I new bride to Gavin Jones, AKA Dubblex, he tells me I’m his source of inspiration and of this I am very proud. I am also proud that Fountain House Gallery shows his work and ArtLifting is also promoting Gavin and selling his work.

See what’s for sale here!  

I am very proud too, that I am one of the recent winners of a poetry contest where the publishing house, Acquirelle offered a poetry publication prize. 

I won 3rd prize! I understand from other poets that winning any poetry contest and a book deal as a result of the contest, is a very big deal. Again I am so very very proud. I quote Acquirelle below:

!You have a unique voice, a great voice, we are delighted to have created this book for you; you rank with those we consider the top of our published work (and there are a few great ones there). You are a worthy winner in the contest (this collection proves it once again) and it is a pity no "regular" publisher has yet discovered you. Maybe this book will help, it is a book to be proud of!

In about 2 months you will find the book my book, Tupelo Honey and other tales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram. Aquillrelle will do some marketing through Facebook, Twitter, New Press Release and my own page on our site.

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