Monday, January 20, 2014

Ode to Wellington

My Daddy was a complex man
A pianist and musician
Tinkled the ivories, up and down scales his hands ran
A father, a member of the church board
A teacher, a member of the community
Daddy created performance opportunities
Daddy loved music, played piano with passion
His performances received many ovations
His love for music didn’t follow current fashion
Daddy loved opera, show music, Beethoven, Chopin
Daddy sent me chocolate and carrot cake from Omaha Steaks
Daddy had a big personality combined with
An even bigger voice
Daddy liked to knock back vodka Stolis
His poison of choice
Daddy said recently, “Son I don’t drink anymore,”
I laughed later; putting away meats he’d sent me shopping for
Lying in the freezer was his prized Stolichnaya Vodka   (stol-ich-na-ya)
My Daddy liked to knock back the Vodka Stolis
Quality vodka from Russia Papa liked
Daddy liked to talk, carried a conversation
My Daddy was only human, like the rest of us
Daddy liked to party and partied hardy till the end
With his many friends
A few days before his death he'd planned
A big birthday celebration, a yearly event, at a nearby hotel
Everyone came to party with Daddy
This years’ event happened without my Daddy
He wanted to go but couldn’t get out of bed
Who would’ve though two weeks later he’d be dead
Daddy forgot to invite me but I didn’t mind
Luckily Lia was there to find out why he hadn’t arrived
That final party was short lived
Memories shared survive in my heart crash-dived
Daddy passed down his love for music to me
The love for art ran deep through both sides of my family
Dad wasn’t all bad; he wasn’t all good
He was my dad and I loved him for all that he was

I've helped several people by writing Mother or Father poems after their loved one passed on. Here's another poem for a my husband's loss.

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