Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Time IS Coming ...

They say the time is coming in my lifetime. I want a revolution but there’s not quite enough desperation yet although everyone’s in a state of exasperation – I get the impression through open discussion that there’s been no preparation for any revolution. Our great nation under direction of a new world order. I’d like promotion of peace to be the solution to the problem and I try my best to add my contribution to the plate.

I wonder how we’ll have peace without a fight for our rights? They’re not gonna give us what’s ours because they want it and they got the power. At first I thought the new world order was a joke, with the growing euro the new world order is a threat to our economy.

Puppets run our government. You tell me how many of the current run of presidents emerged from the slums or city streets?

We’ve never even had a Jewish president and probably never will.

Global warning is a conspiracy? That’s what your government wants you to believe. How can all the harm we cause our mother do her no ill? We pull her insides out – all her hidden jewels and resources and tell me this doesn’t affect our earth?

You stop drinking your one large cup of coffee everyday and tell me you feel nothing?

Everything is connected somehow – is it free will or coincidence? I like to meld between the two.

Do you think there are no connections or is it all random selection?

Gehinnon is only 12 months not eternity like for Christians and you have to do so something unforgivably bad – some big sin that most of us won’t do I like to think so anyway

I keep promoting peace in spite of people telling me revolution is blowing in the wind

Caught in a tailwind spin, we’re all blind on a work grind, and stabbed from behind. Everyone knows being taxed this way is illegal and was meant for corporate America not us poor working class shmucks who can barely pay our rent.


  1. "I love to write when the muse strikes and if she doesn't strike, I write anyway and then, invariably, my muse joins me."

    Your muse must be a man. Mine is a woman. And she'll be damned if she joins me whether I start or not. The *mood* has to be right. It's all about *relationship*. She won't be *pressured*. It's too cold. It's too hot. She's too tired. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  2. Puppets in government. Who placed them there but us? If it was a mistake, we can still correct that. Thanks for your vigilance over the ills in everything.

  3. But if there is to be a revolution, we need a common sense of direction, otherwise what ought to be a laser beam to cut through the layers of old fat and complacency will just turn out to be an ineffectual sparkler. Like it or not, we need a unifying figure, but it seems as if we're all just too damned cynical to give anybody enough respect for that. Not with a bang, but a whimper... I can't help feeling that's the way we'll finish up.